Gwen Stefani Debuts Impressive Live Music Video For ‘Make Me Like You’


When it was announced Gwen Stefani would create history by filming a live music video during the Grammys telecast, I had very low expectations. Truthfully, I felt it was just one cheesy gimmick, disguised as a commercial for Target who sponsored it. To be fair, it partially kinda was 😉 While it’s not the best clip ever, given that it was done live, I was pretty impressed.

Stefani undergoes multiple costume changes while navigating through an elaborate set, naturally decorated with Target-esque logos. Given the live nature, there wasn’t any major mishaps, minus a planned skating accident featuring a Gwen body double. That being said, The Voice singer was actually quite skilled during her roller skating segment.

Check out the “Make Me Like You” music video below. The song is really growing on me and reminds quite a bit of The Cardigan’s classic hit, “Lovefool.”

Gwen Stefani ‘Make Me Like You’ Music Video

  • Nozuka

    her lipsyncing is not spot on.. which makes it look a bit weird. but A for effort.