LMFAO Website: GuysWithFries.com

We’ve all heard the term, “Can I Get Some Fries With That Shake?” Apparently, now you can get it with a lot more than just a shake. Perhaps six-pack abs, or buff chest, hairy bear or skinny twink? Well, whatever your fancy, you can find it on a brilliant new site inspired by the popular Guys With iPhones website. This new Tumblr destination still has guys showing off their bodies, but in a more PG and safe for work (unless you work for Burger King) kind of way. Don’t go expecting “sausage” on GuysWithFries.com. Instead, expect some Mickey D fries accompanying these guys.

Most of the pictures on the site have been digitally doctored in one obvious way. Instead of holding up iPhones, the guys have McDonald’s tasty fries in their hands. I’m not sure if any of the pictures are genuine, but I could be wrong. Perhaps future posts will actually have some guys submitting photos with yummy salted fries. Maybe even some of them will be *gasp* supersized.

I wonder if this is some ingenious guerrilla marketing ploy concocted by McDonald’s. How hilarious would that be if it was? Check out a few of my favorites from GuysWithFries.com below. I’ve even added my own captions along with theirs.

Their Caption: Nerds Heart Fries
My Caption: Black “Rimmed” Fries

Their Caption: Hipster Fries
My Caption: Wh*gger Fries

Their Caption: Fries and Thighs
My Caption: Crunch Fries

Their Caption: I Like My Fries Beefy 😛
My Caption: 2 Whole Beef Patty Fries

Their Caption: Mimes And Fries
My Caption: Silent But Deadly Fries

Their Caption: Grab Yo Fries!
My Caption: Cop-a-Feel Fries

Their Caption: Mmmmm Jersey Fries 🙂
My Caption: Spiky D Fries

Their Caption: It’s Very Subtle But It’s There..
My Caption: VPL Fries

Their Caption: OMFG FRIES!
My Caption: Christmas Vest Fries

Their Caption: Whats Hotter Than Davey Wavey? Davey Wavey With Fries 😀
My Caption: Lean Fries

For more guys posing with tasty fries, head over to http://www.guyswithfries.com/

  • This is hot…. + salty.