Guyliner for All!


As a woman, my eyeliner is one of my fav 5 products. It creates drama (which come on boys – we all need a little of), definition and focus and it draws people up to your eyes (you guys need that – you’re always looking at each others packages!) Getting someone to look into your eyes really helps make those beautiful romantic connections…okay, maybe that’s going too far but let’s be honest – eyeliner is fabulous!

I recently had a make up night with my gay best friend where I put all sorts of eye makeup on him. He was a little hesitant at first and felt like I was going to poke his eye out…which would never happen people! As it started to come together, and I let him have a look, I could see the excitement on his face. We were experimenting for Pride and used different colours of eye shadow but, frankly, the guyliner was the clencher. His eyes popped and to be honest – so would all of your ding dongs if you saw him in it!

Here’s a quick lesson on how a man should put on his guyliner – for those of you that are brave enough to give it try…

1) First, buy a black eyeliner – no brown, no blue – it needs to be black!
2) Make sure that your guyliner comes equipped with a foam smudger on the end. Guyliner is all about the smudge factor – you don’t want a stark black line, you want the smeared, sultry look.
3) Apply a thin line all around your eye as close to the lash line as you can. Make this line as thin or as thick as you feel comfortable. (Some guys really only need the bottom lash line – experimentation is key!)
4) Then, with the foam tip, smudge the guyliner, blending it into a smoky haze that makes your eyes pop. No need to be overly obvious gentlemen – sometimes subtlety is more dramatic.

When the morning after rolls around and you’re hung over, sleeping beside the hottie who just loved your guyliner. Let me tell you don’t wake him up, you look like a dead raccoon! Run to the bathroom, in a perfect world there would be some eye-makeup remover sitting on the vanity, but really all you need is cream. Rub it onto your eyes while you squeeze them really tight and then wipe it off with some toilet paper and you’ll be good to go! Sneak back into bed and learn that boys name! You’re a champ!

So boys, you go to your local cosmetics store and pick up a black guyliner and wear it with pride! You’ll look fantabulous!

Submitted by: Ruth

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  • Haha, I love the morning after advice. “Don’t wake him up!” I’ve only tried it once for the first GMF but I think we put on too much – but it was that type of event. Luckily because of that event I do have makeup remover under my sink. Shh, don’t tell.

  • Nic O.

    “so would all of your ding dongs if you saw him in it”????

  • Timothy

    Awesome article, very entertaining… you obviously know us gay boys all too well!

  • MikeL


  • Nic O

    oooh. the fact you just used a K is so…..never mind, too easy.

  • Phillipe

    Are you crazy MikeL??? Eyeliner on guys is awesome anytime! Now or in 06….especially going to some dark, hot dance club, putting a lil darkness around the eyes just adds excitement to the night. For you and for everyone looking at you. Timeless!

  • steve

    Why is this built for gay people…

    Now you’re making me think it’s a gay thing to do…