Gus Kenworthy Reveals If He’s Cut Or Uncut To Kyle Krieger


The more I see of Gus Kenworthy, the more I get obsessed. In a healthy non-stalker way of course 😉 He’s cute, athletic, scruffy, blond and queeny. And don’t even get me started on those lips #slurp

The Olympian is the latest to get his coif did by online personality Kyle Krieger. Gusworthy opens up about coming out, hooking up with girls, Caitlyn Jenner and more while Krieger cuts and styles his hair. Speaking of which. These two definitely have some flirtation going on. Sexual tension much 😉

Check out the clip below to learn if Gus is cut or uncut? Also find out what makes him gag (literally) around the 6:50 mark.

unCUT ft. GUS KENWORTHY: What Makes Gus Gag?

  • Aj

    uncut.. man it makes him that much sexier

  • uncut means: more fun. :0)

  • J Russell

    Love to nibble and suck on foreskin, stick my tongue under the skin, and tongue massage the head of his cock!! YUM