Gus Kenworthy & Matt Wilkas Talk Love For OUT Magazine Love Issue

Photography by Roger Erickson
2017 hasn’t even begun yet, but before you know it, it’s February and Valentine’s Day is here.

OUT magazine gets in the romantic mood early by putting the spotlight on several public LGBT couples. Gus Kenworthy and Orange is the New Black‘s Samira Wiley snag separate covers for their 2017 Love Issue. Each poses with their significant others, Matt Wilkas and Lauren Morelli respectively.

All the couples open up about their love story to the publication. Check out a few snippets below from Kenworthy and Wilkas’s interview with the glossy. After that, there are more pics snapped by Roger Erickson. They’re beyond adorable #relationshipgoals

Wilkas On How They Met

Gus reached out to me on Instagram, and he was very sweet. I think he said he really liked my sense of humor and thought I was funny, and I thought, Who is this guy? I didn’t know what free-skiing was. I’d just come out of a relationship and was going to therapy and wasn’t really in the right place, so when he asked me out, essentially on a date, via Instagram, I couldn’t do it.

Kenworthy On Pursuing Wilkas

I’d written him a message on Instagram while Robin and I were on a break — I’d seen Matt in the movie Gayby, and he’d popped up on my Instagram with these videos he makes, and I watched a few of them — he used to do these ones with a silly chick who wiggles when the sun hits her, and I thought they were really funny. I followed him, he followed me back, and I wrote him this really long message on Instagram. I said, “Hey, I think you’re really funny, and you seem really sweet, and I’ve been enjoying following you on Instagram, and actually I’m in the closet right now, and I’m coming to New York in a couple of weeks if you want to get a coffee or something.” He got back to me to say that he’d love to get a coffee. We did not get a coffee — I texted him the last day I was in New York, and it didn’t work out, and I thought that it was probably for the better.

Wilkas On If His Mother Has Met Gus

Last year I was shooting a film in Maine, and Gus came to visit for a couple of weeks. That would have been an opportunity for him to meet my mom, and I said, “Mom, I’d really like you to meet Gus,” and she said, “No, I really can’t.” So that was really upsetting, but I think he’s more empathetic and upset for me than upset that he can’t meet her.

Kenworthy On Status Of Their Relationship

All relationships take work, and we’ve definitely begun to realize that. I’m traveling and skiing and training and competing. He lives in New York — he can’t really live in Denver. Also, I was in a relationship from 18 to 23, and I still haven’t really experienced that much sexually. I wouldn’t want to ever sacrifice my relationship with Matt just to go out and get that out of my system, but we’ve also talked about that and he doesn’t want to deprive me of experiencing anything while I’m still young. I don’t necessarily know what that means. We’re not in an open relationship and we’re not breaking up. But we’re also not getting married.

For the rest of the interview and more pics, head over to OUT.

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