Gus Kenworthy Is One Fashionable Dude For Attitude


Since publicly coming out, Gus Kenworthy sure has embraced become a media darling. The 24-year-old Olympian has popped up everywhere on the press circuit. Wise for the 24-year-old Olympian to strike while the iron is hot.

The freestyle skier graces the March 2016 cover of Attitude Magazine. Inside the issue, Kenworthy channels his inner fashionisto, rocking some slick and stylish threads. Check out more pics snapped by Austin Hargrave below.


For more, head over to Attitude.

  • He’s really good looking and seems like a really cool guy. I think the reason we like him is because he to some gay men represents that gay str8 looking and acting type so many, but not all gay men seem to desire above all else. It is kind of sad that’s what some require in a gay man for him to be attractive. A straight acting and appearing facade. Not that this is Gus’s fault he is who and what he is and is in fact a hottie. Just saying gay male attractiveness should be more diverse. Even as gay men we still have to have the appearance of a white cis male to be the epitome of hot? Just a question.

  • J Russell

    You know Sean, its you post like this one…..that makes me want to just hold you and hug you. Love you and your Heart my friend. You sound so nice, besides being a cutie….Big hugs to you my friend. John.