Gus Kenworthy & Adam Rippon Are American Idols For OUT Magazine

Move over Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. We have new American Idols in the house.

Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon met in an icy stadium in South Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Since then, their friendship has only blossomed. The adorable twosome reunited at a pool for the latest issue of OUT magazine.

In addition to playfully taking off their shirts and showing off their taut stomachs, Kenworthy and Rippon got serious. They talked about human rights, politics and understanding LGBTQ culture.

Check out more photos snapped by Carter Smith below, along with quotes from the accompanying interview.

Rippon On Haters

“I would always get a pit in my stomach every time there were somebody on social media with an American flag in their name. The most consistent message I got was, ‘I hope you fail, I hope you fall; I’ve never cheered against someone in my entire life.’ That somebody could go out of their way to say they’re proud of their country and that they love it, and they’re a patriot, and then turn around and taunt their athletes is incredibly disrespectful. They’re the opposite of a patriot. You don’t represent America. You represent you and your family and your small minded whatever. That’s not American.”

Kenworthy On Being In The Closet

“I didn’t have the best Olympics experience first time around in Sochi. I felt like a fraud. I wasn’t being myself. I had a boyfriend at the time that I wasn’t telling anybody about; and I wasn’t out to my parents. And then post-games every interviewer asked me, ‘Who’s your celebrity crush? What’s your type of girl? What’s your ideal date?’ And I was just lying. And I hated myself for it. So to be in Pyongchang, and get to walk into this huge stadium as myself, as an out gay man, and do it alongside Adam was the biggest, best moment of my entire life. And that was why it was so important for me to find him. Because I felt like we had the same story, and I wanted to share the opening ceremony moment with him. It was the highlight of my entire games in my head.”

Photo by Carter Smith

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