Book Review: Gulliver Takes Manhattan

Ok, first off, you should know I’m a little bit in love with the city of New York, always have been, always will be. So, small wonder that when I received my copy of Gulliver Takes Manhattan in the mail, saw the skyline glowing on the cover, small wonder I was already a little in love with it.

By page 50, I was hooked like a gay guy on Starbucks.

It’s the story of Gulliver Leverenz (don’t make any jokes about the name, because you only get one), who moves from the LaLa Land of the West Coast to Empire City after discovering that his boyfriend Graham has been cheating on him, dirty lying bastards that some men just tend to be. Gulliver is saved from the pain and drama of his Graham-centric LA life when his former college roomie and best friend Todd extends an invitation to move to New York City and start over.

Todd introduces Gulliver to his circle of friends, and Gulliver and “the crew” set sail into the urban sea, drinking, dancing, fucking, laughing, living. Gulliver gets a job a short-lived and much-despised job at Starbucks before getting a chance to be the assistant to talent agent Stanford. Stanford only has one major rule: “don’t sleep with the talent”. Well, gay men’s brains being located in their dicks, I guess I don’t need to tell you what happens next.

As life in New York blows up in his face, time and time again, Gulliver is forced to fend for himself, and in doing so, learn some lessons about friendship, loyalty, honesty, chlamydia, and independence.

Justin Luke Zirilli’s writing is infected with his love of the city and its club scene. You can tell from the ease with which he transports you into the story that this is a man who knows his parties (small wonder, as he is the co-director and head promoter of Justin is like the cab driver at the beginning of the novel, dropping you off in Hell’s Kitchen and leaving you to find your way through the relaxed sexuality, the magic of the nightclub, the debauchery of Fire Island, the endless parade of Braydens, Shanes, Rowans, Zaks, Drakes…

I just have to give props to my favorite line in the novel: New York doesn’t sleep – but if you’re out at the right time of morning, you might catch it blinking. GOLD!

When you are finished this review, order this book. You will be absolutely entranced by this “candid tale of one man’s adventures in the greatest city in the world”. It will captivate and keep you, and leave you wanting more.

Already waiting for more of Gulliver’s travels (that’s my one).

Submitted By: Rob B. Follow him on Twitter @robbrowatzke

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  • Kristopher

    sounds absolutely lame

  • jay

    Second that

  • Rob

    If it does, then I have absolutely failed as a reviewer. Maybe you will like it more when it hits the small screen. I understand its been picked up as a series

  • Nicholas

    I loved the book, reading the second now. Can’t wait for the TV show!