Growing A Beard Will Attract The Gay Bottom Mafia (Video)

Comedian Michael Henry notices something different about his friend Daniel, played by Clint Keller. Could it be that Daniel started a new Pilates routine, perhaps purchased a new wardrobe or started meditating? None of the above. Rather, it’s his sexy beard that’s new.

While, I personally love the scruff, Henry feels betrayed by his buddy’s new facial hair. “I thought you were one of us – I thought you were femme!,” Henry scolds his friend who he thought was a member of the bottom club.

Unbeknownst to Daniel, his new look has ramifications. The gay bottom mafia is now flocking to him like a moth to a flame. Do you think beards make certain men more attractive? Weigh in below after watching the amusing clip.

WOW, you have a beard