Having recently surveyed its users on their travel habits, Grindr has just revealed some interesting stats about their users when it come to travel. Over half (54%) of Grindr users travel for business, which means they’re likely “loading more guys” while they’re away. Let’s just hope these are the single Grindr users and not guys that looking to hook up while away from their better halves (unless their relationship permits them to do so). Also, the survey revealed that Grindr (and I think gays in general) do a lot of traveling throughout the year. In fact, nearly 15 percent of survey respondents had taken ten or more trips in the past twelve months.

The survey also revealed some information on the types of accommodation Grindr users seek while traveling. The stats showed that 23 percent choose to stay in luxury hotels while on business, while 48 percent prefer to stay in a mid-range hotel on vacation.

In preparation for their trips, 57 percent use smartphones in preparation for their trips, 23 percent booked flights and 24 percent booked accommodations using their mobile devices. I haven’t booked flights or accommodations using my iPhone, but I do go paperless with my ticket whenever possible.

The last few stats revealed by the survey show that 61 percent updated their status and shared photos of their travels using smartphones through Facebook and close to 31 percent checked in or posted comments on geo-location apps through their smartphones.

I guess it takes a survey like this to really look at how things have changed over the past few years. Back in the day, you couldn’t share photos from your trip until you got back home and had them developed, sometimes getting “doubles” to share with friends.