Gay mobile hookup App, Grindr now has over two million users in 192 countries. With its expansion from iPhone to also include Android, iPad and BlackBerry, as well as the Grindr Xtra, these successes have helped to make Grindr a leader in this new mobile hookup industry.

So for the cities that have the most users, do you think it’s just because they have the most population? Probably. But perhaps they may also be hornier and sexually promiscuous, and/or just more tech-savvy and more into their phone apps. It could also just be a bit of the social scene culture, where one isn’t as likely to go up to someone and ask for their number anymore, and would much rather chat through a device when once they know how many feet away the target is. Either way, the numbers don’t lie and below we have listed the top 10 cities in the world for Grindr.

  • 1. London
  • 2. New York
  • 3. Paris
  • 4. Sydney
  • 5. Singapore
  • 6. Melbourne
  • 7. Los Angeles
  • 8. San Francisco
  • 9. Hong Kong
  • 10. Taipei

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