Update February 2011: Grindr has release a HUGE new update to their OS and it’s a whole new application! For the most part, things look similar though the screen has had a makeover and things are a little sharper and prettier but that aside there’s a new set of sounds to go along with every action from sending your locale to getting a stud’s pic. There’s a new way to view all the guys 1) Near you, 2) That you’ve talked to in the last 30 days, 3) That you’ve favourited… Hell, you can now tell people if you’re in fact single or boyfriended up before they chat you for 20 minutes and waste their time ha. The update has tips on how to maximize the app and it’s a great update for old users and definitely the best time to start for new ones! Enjoy!!

In order to celebrate… it being Wednesday πŸ˜‰ My best friend Patrick, one of his boyfriends, and I had a couple drinks at 1181.

While the bartender-recommended Newcastle Ale was pretty good, it’s what I was introduced to at the end of the night that’s really rocked my world quite a bit. While saying bye to the always exuberant Clay and Ryan Steele, I was asked where I was off to. Wanting to impress the older kids, I figured being truthful and responding that I was heading home to eat pizza and watch the newest Housewives of Atlanta by myself wouldn’t slide so I of course answered: “On my way to a gang bang.” To my surprise, Ryan didn’t ask to join (though, being honest, there WAS a curious glint in his eye), instead he asked if I was going to use “Grindr” to execute my impeding daisy chain. “Grinder?” I responded. “What’s that?”

And then, he pulled out his iPhone and showed me the latest and greatest gay-oriented app.

First off, the thing is completely free… not that I would baulk at a useful $2.99 purchase, but free? That’s just icing. So even if you don’t think you’ll like it, download and check it out just to see for yourself.
Now, down to brass tacks: what is Grindr? Well, it’s an iPhone application that allows you to find gay guys near you (and I mean like the building over) instantly using your net connection. You click on the app and it uses your GPS location to explain where you are feet/miles-wise from the next gay. Entering the world of Grindr while on Jervis and Nelson, I was instantly introduced to about 30 men within a 10 block radius. Still, it was midnight so the number of men actually online at the time was only a couple, the longer you stay on the app and click the refresh button, the more men are offered to you and the likelier it becomes you’ll find someone online.

An interesting aspect of this manhunt-esque app is the lack of info you need to provide to check it out… you don’t even have to create your profile to get on and check out the guys- of course, if you don’t, they’re really not going to write you back. In order to create/update your profile you need only go through the simplest steps I’ve ever come across. To begin, you’re able to use a pic from your iPhone library or hell, take a pic right then and there and use that as a profile pic. Christ, THAT’S gonna lead to a lot of “what are you wearing” instant updates!
Following that, you can add a headline, some “about” info if you’d like, and then the bare essentials: age, weight, race, height. Again, you can answer as many or as few as you’d like! This app is more versatile than the men using it claim to be!!

grindr-gay-bi-curious-guy-finderOnce you’re logged on, a screen fully of tiny profile pics pops up. You can click on each one to see the pic up close and get the user’s profile info as well as find out how far they are from you (a piece of information you can keep secret from others in case you’re, say, at work and looking to stay discreet from nearby horndogs). After you find a boy you like- or in my case a handsome muscle guy from Calgary who said he’s moving back here soon- you click on the chat button and presto, free, instant chat with them. Looking like your typical iPhone text chat, this program doesn’t create anything confusing but rather uses a texting template we’re all use to and it totally works. Hell, the copy and paste option is even there in case you get REALLY desperate and want to mass flirt as much as possible. On top of that, you have the option to send pics or your location (if it had been secret until that point) to your chatee. You can send texts or as many pics as you want and they transmit immediately through the app and are viewed without having to leave Grindr at all! I just hope the amount of my net packaged used up isn’t too huge or else i’m gonna have to charge my next phone bill to the Homorazzi corporate charge card (P.S. Patrick and Donovan, I need to talk to you about getting a Homorazzi corporate charge card ;).

Furthermore, when you get a new message, your phone shakes and buzzes (if the app is open) to let you know there’s a suitor awaiting your go-ahead πŸ˜‰ You are able to keep the men clear by those you’re currently chatting with being framed with a blue outline in the main gallery page and you can even add favourites! The best part, however, is that if you’re offline, the message you’ve received will pop up the next time you log on- nothing is lost! And, since your profile stays online after you log out (it just says you’re no longer online but tells the boys how long ago you were last there), gays can be checking you out long after you’ve hit the shower or gone to bed for the night… so a surprise can always be waiting you in the AM πŸ˜‰ Finally, there’s a permanent record of your messages and back and forths so even if you forget you tried to hit someone up already or had a chat session gone awry, the app doesn’t and you never have to worry- like you might with Manhunt that deletes msgs after a while- about re-flirting with someone and lookin’ like a desperate re-messager ha.

I know this isn’t the first time an app like this has existed, but to my knowledge these things are more mainstream in major metropolises like NY and Miami. This is an American, West Coast developed app and seems to already have a good following in Vancouver for a new one. I think this thing MIGHT actually take off! Can’t wait to see how many boys are wandering the streets of Davie with iPhones glowing in hand as they attempt to GPS stalk their latest prey.

Final note: this is apparently for all homosexuals, though I’ve yet to see a double X chromosome on the site and- no offense ladies- don’t really mind their absence thus far. Also, to you more conservative gays out there, this site is not strictly for hooking up: there’s a ton of men whose “about” section say they’re not there for that and to only contact them if looking for a friend or a date… and yes, like we all wish there was in real life, this app includes a “block user” option as well πŸ˜‰

Happy Hunting Boys!

DISCLAIMER: Please note, this is a review commentary of the iPhone app by us. We did not build or handle tech support for the application. If you require any assistance, please contact Grindr by clicking here.