The Grindr Best Of 2013 Awards


Award season is officially underway! Even Grindr is getting in on the action. They recently released their best of 2013 year end list. From gay icon of the year (Neil Patrick Harris) to best comeback of the year (Netflix), users of the ubiquitous hookup app made their voice heard on a multitude of categories.

2013 was a banner year of celebrities coming out. Not surprisingly with all the headlines he generated, Wentworth Miller earned Grindr’s best coming out story. Solid choice. I was lucky enough to witness Miller’s first appearance after coming out at the HRC Gala Dinner in Seattle.

Along with revealing the best of the best in the past year, Grindr also weighed in on what they expect will be big and make headlines in 2014. Find out below who they think the next celebrity to come out is and what will become obsolete.

The Grindr Best of 2013 Awards

  • Gay icon of the year: Neil Patrick Harris
  • Straight ally of the year: Lady Gaga
  • Best coming out story: Wentworth Miller
  • Enemy of the LGBT community: Vladimir Putin
  • Best song of 2013: “Same Love: by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  • Best movie of 2013: Gravity
  • Best TV show on air: “Modern Family”
  • Most wanted man in the Grindr cascade: Channing Tatum
  • Best comeback of 2013: Netflix
  • Social blunders: Miley Cyrus’ twerking
  • Biggest loss of 2013: Cory Monteith
  • Next celebrity to come out: Taylor Lautner
  • Hottest gadget of 2014: iPad Air
  • Next state/country to legalize gay marriage: Florida
  • Next celebrity train wreck: Justin Bieber
  • What will become obsolete: Facebook
  • David Brewer

    Next celebrity to come out: Taylor Lautner
    I really doubt this one comes to pass anytime soon.

  • Desperately seeking Susan

    Hopefully Grindr is obselete its a terrible app. Many ither better ones out there.

  • Douggseven

    Grindr and their fucking awards can go to hell.

    How dare this sleazy STD delivery service be a part of gay culture.

  • Douggseven

    Not every attractive male in Hollywood is gay, FYI. And even if he was – what business is it of yours?

  • Ryan

    Not to minimize Cory Monteith, but Jeanne Manford, the co founder of PFLAG, also passed this year…silly Grindr.

  • LittleDreamer

    Am I the only one who finds this redundant?

  • Tommy D

    same love…worst song. ever.

  • David Brewer

    I didn’t say it was my business I was just commenting on their category

  • KF

    Wow! chill!

  • KF

    Seriously??? Cory Monteith??? he killed himself! I’m sorry but i do not respect that. Far more important people died that year that deserved to be celebrated.