Keeping up with the latest internet meme is tiring work. You never know what these crazy kids will think of next. While some are absolutely ridiculous (ie cats being thrown as bridal bouquets), this one I guarantee will be up most of our readers’ alley. The latest fad sweeping the online nation is boys grinding on the floor. Yup, you read that correctly.

Set to Pretty Ricky’s 2005 hit single “Grind With Me” (explicit title “Grind On Me”), boys go shirtless as they make sweet nasty love to carpet, mattresses, linoleum. Pretty much anything they can get horizontal with.

I’m not sure what most of their career goals are, but might I suggest auditioning for the Magic Mike sequel or their local strip joint. Check out the montages below. Try to keep it clean as I’m pretty sure some of the guys are not of age. #justsaying #illegal

Pretty Ricky ‘Grind With Me’ Music Video