Meet The New Faces (And Bodies) Of Grindr

A month ago, Grindr began the hunt for a new face and torso to represent the hookup app. Aspiring hopefuls were asked to submit their entries via Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #grindrmodel. After 780 submissions and more than 2,500 votes, two winners were announced. Why have one, when you can have two? Both guys will be featured in upcoming Grindr ads.

Who are the lucky winners? They are Eric Angelo, a go-go dancer originally from Texas now living in Hollywood and Matthew Stehlik, a bartender in Florida by way of Pittsburgh. Both will fly out to Los Angeles for a three-night stay that includes some new wardrobe, photoshoot and serious pampering. Oddly enough, both winners could pass for brothers. They have that same boy-next-door look about them. Take a look at their winning good looks below.

Eric Angelo


Matthew Stehlik


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  • Slade

    While I think Matthew is more classically attractive, I find Eric way more appealing and interesting to look at. Look at those eyes, those freckles. DAMN

  • gogo

    Sorry but they are both bland as hell. Yes they are attractive guys but not model worthy.

  • Seth

    Grindr had a real chance to hire different body types/ethnicities. Afterall mean I’m pretty sure the gay community (who pretty much all use Grindr) is really diverse, as well as Grindr’s consumers. Disappointed.

  • a

    What’s that for???…If we want to see gorgeous models we don’t go to gridr. Instead of electing them, gridr should spent more time to improve the quality of their software, which needs loooooots of work.

  • dainec