Gregg Sulkin Smolders For Rogue Magazine

Photo by Mike Ruiz
Full disclosure time. I only started watching Runaways solely because of Gregg Sulkin. The 25-year-old Brit is HOT AF!!! Anyone else watching the Marvel series for the very same reason? If so, you’ll probably enjoy this photoshoot.

Photographer Mike Ruiz snapped Sulkin for Rogue Magazine’s Winter Issue No. 8. He shows off an edgier look than his fans are used to seeing him, rocking guy-liner, mesh tops and other punk wear. He’s just one of the celebrities to grace the publication’s five year-end covers. Others that snagged their own cover were Jared Leto’s Thirty Seconds To Mars, Evan Peters, Danai Gurira and Freddie Highmore.

On Filming Runaways

“There’s an energy that runs throughout the cast, there’s a special enthusiasm not just throughout the cast, but throughout the crew. They’re there because they love it and that resonates. You’ve got this wide range of experience throughout the cast but everyone has the same mentality, which is we’re all in this together, we’re all one family, we all want to make the show good, hopefully for many years to come.”

Check out Sulkin’s fashion editorial below. Runways wraps up its first season tonight on Hulu. If there’s a major cliffhanger, fear not. The show was renewed for a 13-episode second season. That means plenty more shirtless scenes of Gregg’s twunky body are on the way 😉

Photo by Mike Ruiz

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