Gregg Sulkin Reveals His Man Crush, Career Milestones & His Abs For RAW

Gregg Sulkin, best known up to this point for his role in Faking It, is starring in Marvel’s upcoming show, Runaways. The 25-year-old English actor sat down with RAW to talk about his new gig, career goals and his man crush.

With regards to the latter, he first picked David Beckham then quickly switched to Chris Hemsworth. I don’t blame him 😉 Check out more quotes and pics below from his session with the publication.

On Career Milestones

So many. I feel like I haven’t even started. (laughs) You know how Dwayne Johnson is right now? I would love to basically replicate his career. I would like to own a production company that had 30 different projects going on all at once. I love acting and I’ve always been so grateful for people to hire me as an actor, but at the same time, I just love the whole production side of it all. I’m also a bit of a control freak so I thought I could actually be quite good at assembling a whole 100 crew of 100 people together and getting everyone to put their best foot forward while working on a show or a movie.

On Things He Does With His Free Time

I love writing poetry. They’re on my phone, actually. I also started writing some songs too. I don’t know why no one’s ever heard them (laughs). I don’t know if they’re any good but I would say I’ve probably written about 25 poems this year. I love playing football, I love anything fitness-related, I love getting away, I love being around nature, I love being around water, etc…

Gregg Sulkin Gives RAW Interview

Gregg Sulkin for RAW’s Word Play

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