Which “Kennedy’s” Actor Is Coming To Modern Family?

I love a good guest star on any show but on Modern Family, it can only mean an insane amount of laughs. In it’s three seasons on the air, the show has managed to bring on some of the best actors to be day-players on their hilarious comedy hit including James Marsden, Nathan Lane, Benjamin Bratt and Judy Greer just to name a few. Now, the show is adding another A-List actor to the guest starring roster.

This actor comes off the controversial mini-series The Kennedy’s and has acted in over 30 feature films. This also will not be the actor’s first time appearing on a television series or a comedy series for that matter. Want one more hint? This actor was born in Logansport, Indiana, USA and has two brothers. Still don’t know? Check out who it is after the jump.

Horray! It’s Greg Kinnear! Greg will be joining the cast for an episode as Phil (Ty Burrell’s) new business partner. If you caught last night’s episode, you’re aware that Phil is leaving his current real estate firm to become partner with a few buddies from work who have jumped ship. His character’s name is Tad is being described as “a successful and athletic real estate broker, and Phil is extremely impressed by him. But Claire has quite the opposite impression of him.” A story line with Claire and Phil… I can’t wait! No specific episode date has been released but we know it’ll be sometime next year.