For a long time, The Grammys didn’t even recognize dance music as a category in their nominations list. In 2003, Electronica and Dance music was finally recognized as a genre by the Grammy’s and now, for the first time ever, the show will perform a tribute to the genre. I personally think it’s very fitting seeing as 75% of the pop music coming out these days has some sort of electronic or house music influence. So how do the Grammy’s plan on honoring this genre?

Idolator reports that during the awards show, the five artists will perform in a tent outside the Staples Center in front of a crowd of 1,000. Grammy show producer Ken Ehrlich describes the performance as the “most ambitious number that we’ve ever done outside the Staples Center.” Joining the tributes performance roster are David Guetta and Deadmau5. Alongside them providing the vocal aspect of dance music will be Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and The Foo Fighters. Ken Ehrlich continues:

“My feeling about dance is it’s such an immersive experience for the participant, that to put it on stage … where the audience is not a part of it … I don’t know, honestly, until we came up with the idea of doing it this way, I don’t know if it ever would have worked.”

If you think that adding the three vocal artists to the dance music genre performance is odd, you’re not alone. The whole internet was a buzz and confused. Thankfully,
clarified it all for us. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne joined David Guetta on the track “I Can Only Imagine” and Deadmau5 remixed the Foo Fighters’ “Rope. But still, no Robyn or even Skrillex? What do you think about this idea? Check out Guetta’s & Deadmau5′ tracks with these vocalists below.

David Guetta with Chris Brown & Lil Wayne, “I Can Only Imagine”

The Foo Fighters, “Rope” (Deadmau5 Remix)