GQ Men of the Year 2009


So naturally I am little behind the curve in reporting GQ’s Men of the Year from 2009, as to be quite honest I didn’t realize the list had already rolled out on the news stands. Each year in December, GQ pulls together a collection of some of the amazing men from around the world and summarized the impact they’ve had on the globe over the last 12 months (or so). The portfolio is compiled annually by Martin Schoeller with interviews conducted by an assortment of different writers and journalists. With Donovan’s recent post on Glee and his mention of Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) potentially landing a supportive role, I felt re-inspired to comment on this list, and NPH in particular.

Before I jump into the sappy NPH dialogue that moved me beyond imagination, I wanted to touch on the other fantastic men that just happened to be splashed across the pages (you know, just for fun…)


First up to bat were the men from ‘The Hangover’ – Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Bradley Cooper. Seriously, these three were epic in the film and Bradley Cooper recently launched himself into my personal ‘to be watched constantly, but not to the point of becoming a stalker’ list.


The next two men were lead groundbreaking campaigns and changed the face of a nation as we know it. Eric Holder, the latest appointed Attorney General for the United States, in tandem with Barack Obama, the first African-American leader to assume Presidency of the U.S.A. I paused to reflect on this year and what an incredible impact this one small piece of history will mean for generations to come and how blessed I am to say that I was alive for such an event.


Following these two powerful men was a breakthrough artist/actor, Chris Pine. A man who needs no introduction and simply to be framed and put on display for all viewing pleasure broke out in Hollywood this year playing Captain Kirk in the latest instalment in the ever-evolving Star Trek franchise. He was the sole reason I saw this movie and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t leave the movie hating my decision. With that said, I also didn’t leave wanting to attend a convention either.


The next group of men are part of the reason our heads have been bopping and our hip grinding the year over; musicians Wale, Drake and Kid Cudi were all featured after having incredible break out Hip-Hop careers throughout 2009.


Next on the list was another actor/comedian, Paul Rudd. I have to give a special shout-out to my sister at this moment for recommending ‘I Love You, Man’ to me this past year. I normally shrug off her ideas and don’t really trust her taste in good movies, just to be a brat, but she was right on this one. Rudd, with the aid of the BRILLIANT Andy Sandberg (who also plays a homosexual I might add) knocked this movie out of the park. Totes McGoats.


The next man on the list is no surprise and I personally believe he should be hailed every year for his creative abilities and unparalleled hunky-ness. Tom Ford. That’s all. No seriously, the fact that this man was able to make a transition from designing some of the most beautiful attire known to man and transfer his talent to film making is magic in itself. The end result, as beautifully described by Stephen, ‘A Single Man’ is all a buzz in the Oscar world. Congratulations Mr. Ford, you’ve done it again.


Flanking the opposite page is Christoph Waltz. Relatively unknown most (unless you are a die-hard film nerd) until the Golden Globes this last week where he received the Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Movie award, Waltz plays the perfect villain. In Tarantino’s latest epic masterpiece, Inglourious Basterds, he is cast as ‘The Jew Hunter’ – a Nazi soldier who dominates the film with his disturbing portrayal of a most hated human character. Acting brilliance.


To no surprise, Alec Baldwin made the list for his role as Liz Lemon’s boss in the insanely funny (yes, I admit I know watch it) 30 Rock. Even though I can stand to look at Alec Baldwin, I can appreciate his mastering the art of acting. Combine that with Tina Fey’s writing and you’ve pretty much landed yourself the sweetest gig on television today.


One of two sportsmen to make the list is Tom Brady for his thirty-ninth comeback to the NFL. Okay, I may be exaggerating on that figure, but I’m not far off and I’m definitely not complaining. His talent and his physic are both stunning to watch (even in HD) and I’m happy to have him back in the football roster.


The second sportsman to make the list is Usain Bolt for his recording smashing Olympic performance in Beijing and 2008 combined with the endless follow up and continual shattering of his own world records. Needless to say this man is unstoppable and I am personally dubbing him as one of the most graceful men to ever run at full tilt while still looking beautiful.


To satisfy the nerd-lovers reading this list, we have the entrepreneurs of the year, Twitter creators Biz Stone and Evan Williams. Their accomplishments speak for themselves, and thanks to them I can now successfully say I know what every single one of my friends is doing at any point of any day for the last, er, nine months or so. Thanks, for filling my days with complete nonsense and being the latest fad in time-wasting!


The ICON of the year, in essence being the man of the year, was rightfully bestowed upon Clint Eastwood. He has beaten every man his age at the ‘I can do it better than you’ game. At the age of 79 Eastwood is still directing and starring in movies, grabbing Oscar nominations and awards left, right, and center, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. If you haven’t seen his latest work of art, Invictus, this is a must see for all humanity. His depiction of Mandela is near perfection, and with Freeman, you almost forget it isn’t the real deal.


That leads me to the final man on the list, and the reason I chose to write this (long-winded) article. Neil Patrick Harris. I herald him for having the courage to come out of the closet at the height of his career with no fear of retribution. In honesty though, I’m not here just to commend NPH, but in fact the writer who summarized his successful career for GQ. Dressed in Louis Vuitton for the shoot and described as a trailblazer, the writer’s words tugged at my head-strings (yes head, not heart, and not that head either). We really have come to a time where in most senses of humanity, being a homosexual has little effect on what one person is truly able to achieve.

I couldn’t have put it better myself, so enjoy;

“Neil Patrick Harris didn’t win an Emmy this year, but who’s going to remember that? Hosting the awards show in September certified NPH’s status as 2009’s master of dapper, old-school cool. Previewed in Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers and helped along by cult traction from his boffo role in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog online, his indispensability to our collective well-being is manifest in two wildly different comic franchises. Not only do the Harold & Kumar flicks go stratospheric whenever Harris pops up out of nowhere to uncork his inner gonzo, but on the very snappy CBS Sitcom How I Met Your Mother, he plays womanizing, unscrupulous Barney Stinson as if born to it – which, on both count, the world knows he wasn’t. Without much fuss, Harris came out three years ago- and the great American public, in a welcome burst of sanity, decided it didn’t give a rats patootie…”