OUCH. If I were a public figure, this is definitely one list I would NOT want to be on. I’d rather win People’s “Worst Dressed of the Year” award. Having bad fashion sense is one thing, but having no influence… that cuts deep. Even more biting was GQ’s lead paragraph to the dishonorable list. Check it out.

For every Steve Jobs and every Warren Buffett, there’s an equal and opposite nitwit who spent 2011 devouring attention and contributing nothing to productive society. We salute the great artisans of utter uselessness with the one celebratory year-end list you don’t want to be on

Their Top 25 list is comprised of politicians, celebrities and other famous or should I say infamous characters. I read through all 25 descriptions and picked my five favorite. I picked some because I agree on GQ’s stance, while others I chose because they were hilariously bitchy. See if you agree.

2. Princess Beatrice

Wasn’t the royal wedding splendid? Was Kate Middleton not utterly radiant in her Sarah Burton gown? In a world of conflict, this joyous occasion proved to be an inspiring and hopeful beacon of… HOLY SHIT, WHO INVITED THE RACCOON WITH THE VAGINA HAT? Take note, Americans: The British have just as many embarrassing hillbilly cousins as we do.

VAGINA HAT. LMFAO. Enough said. At least the hat was memorable and Fergie’s daughter auctioned it off with proceeds going to charity. It sold for $131,000 USD. I guess she’s not that un-influential.

10. January Jones

Thanks to the contract squabble that delayed Mad Men until 2012, we didn’t even get to see Jones in the one thing that justifies her existence. Jones spent 2011 serving as human topiary in the new X-Men movie, getting knocked up, and passing every waking hour looking like someone stole her last box of Parliaments.

Way harsh GQ, but so true. January Jones was pretty much non-existent this past year.

20. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

You can just picture Michael Bay sitting at the Chateau Marmont, yelling at an assistant through a megaphone into his cell phone, “Make the hot chick blonde this time! And make sure she doesn’t have a smart mouth on her!”

She was so un-influential, she didn’t even walk in this year’s Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show. I wonder what the story behind that was. She was never one of my favorite Angels.

22. Pitbull

Because who could be less influential than a guy whose music sounds like the aborted offspring of Nelly and Will.i.am?

So true. Nelly and Will.i.am would be so proud of their aborted offspring. Best comparison ever. One person who probably would disagree is Jennifer Lopez. Pitbull’s rap helped “On The Floor” become a bona fide hit.

23. Harrison Ford

Here’s a man who has spent years going to great lengths to let you know just what an inconvenience it is for Harrison Ford to be in the movie you’re watching. Cowboys & Aliens would have been a bad movie regardless, but Ford made matters worse by sleepwalking through his scenes and treating the publicity for the movie like someone was asking him to build a Malaysian prison.

The above reasons are all valid, but Ford’s biggest wrong was agreeing to star in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Totally unforgivable. That’s one adventure he should’ve sat out on.

To check out the full list, head over to www.GQ.com. I’d love to hear which ones you thought GQ got right.

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