After a weekend away in Seattle (with a lot of the Homorazzi crew), last night was cozy night on the couch with Tyrell, watching Gossip Girl and Dancing With The Stars. I wrote my take on Gossip Girl, while he wrote his on DWTS – both below. Luckily, we watched Gossip Girl first (which was SO good) so DWTS only got half my attention…

Thank God they’re back in the Big Apple! Apples are good for you and this proves true for GG too now that the cast is back in New York. In my opinion, this episode was heaps better than the last two (which included the season premiere).

It’s the first day of school and shit starts hitting the fan pronto. Gossip Girl gets word of Chuck being back in NY, as well as Georgina skipping town & tanning in the tropics. Meanwhile, Dan finds out that his baby…ain’t his baby, Serena gets excluded from the Hamilton House (thanks to Nate’s GF, Juliette), and our beloved bitch, Penelope’s back! Yay! Anyway, the power struggle as to who is the Queen B at big girl school seems to be being won by Juliette….that is until B & S see eye to eye and put Juliette in her place. Outside school grounds, Chuck struggles to integrate Eva into his kingdom while facing his past.

The end of the episode doesn’t disappoint when Juliette visits a mystery hottie in prison, with Gossip Girl’s narration piping in, “Trouble’s coming to town and it’s looking to make the Upper East Side it’s bitch.

Series Episode Grade: A-


The stars are back for a night of flicks and kicks preparing two of the hardest dances in ballroom: Jive and Quickstep. Yeesh. They are in for a wild ride. After The Hoff was “astonishingly” voted out last week (even though his performance was TERRIBLE) the stars were out for blood practicing hard whether they had laryngitis or visiting their power moms in Alaska. Some stand outs for me were Jennifer Gray once again smashing with her Jive performance. Because of her recovery from cancer and her plate in her neck, her and Derek are unable to perform many tricks. So instead, they upped their footwork and my oh my was it fast. I was so impressed. The judges scored her a 24 but I thought she deserved at least one 9.

Michael Bolton had the Jive as well and the judges HATED it for lack of a better word. Bruno even went ahead and said it was the worst Jive they had seen in any season. The Situation tried his hand at the Quickstep but I’m thinking that he really needed those extra weeks of rehearsal. He’s just lacking the polished finish that some of the front runners have. Lacey and Kyle once again wowed with their performance piece. They were criticized for their modernization of it but most of the judges loved it (and I loved it too). I think Margaret Cho was remarkable this week after having a breakdown in rehearsal realizing she doesn’t have to hide behind her comedy and can just go out and dance. Patrick and I also enjoyed Audrina’s performance and more importantly her dress. She’s come a long way and I think will be a strong contender in the competition. I think this week was a step up from last week and will keep me watching until next week. 😉

Series Episode Grade: B