Are you watching the final season of Gossip Girl? If you are, you’re one of the very, very, very few people doing so. The once mighty watercooler show hasn’t attracted more than 1 million viewers this season. In fact, the last episode, “Portrait of Lady Alexander“, was the lowest rated in the show’s six-year history with only 660,000 eyeballs. OUCH. That’s a far cry from when the Upper East Side crew drew more than 3 million viewers weekly.

Perhaps Monday’s episode, titled “Monstrous Ball“, will reverse the trend. Probably not, but I’m sure the musical act that licensed his music for the first time is hoping so. For the first time in the CW show’s history, they are using the catalog from just one artist for the entire episode. This artist’s critically-acclaimed album which includes songs about damaged privileged youth and their toxic romances are perfectly suited for the show. Have any guesses? Find out below.

If you guessed Frank Ocean, you’re obviously a fan of his music. His debut album Channel Orange will undoubtedly pop up on several 2012 year-end best lists. As mentioned before, Gossip Girl’s usage is the first time Ocean has licensed his music. Reportedly, “Lost”, “Pyramids”, “Sweet Life”, “Thinkin’ Bout You” and “Super Rich Kids” will be featured in the episode. It will also mark the television debut of the openly-gay singer for a scripted show. Saturday Night Live doesn’t count.

Will you tune in to Gossip Girl on Monday, November 12 to see Frank Ocean sing? Are you glad that Serena, Blair and company will finally fade into the sunset in a few weeks? Or are you one of the few that will miss the show? Sound off below.