Gossip Boy: Webisoap’s Newest Series

Have you been looking for a web series that tickles your fancy? I admit, there aren’t many out there for the homos. We were just recently introduced to Husbands which is pretty funny. But, if you’re looking for a little homo drama (outside of your own lives) then I have found just the thing for you. I stumbled upon a new “webisoap” titled Gossip Boy. It’s two episodes young and already, I can’t wait for more. Here’s a quick synopsis of the series.

“Gossip Boy” is about a boy named Jairus who moves out of his unloving home on his 18th birthday. He celebrates by moving to Los Angeles. His brother Billy is not surprised as to why Jairus decides to move to Los Angeles, and in fact he supports it. Meanwhile, Mat has recently been dumped after a five-year relationship. He is told by his therapist to right his life’s wrongs in order to move on. Mat begins by offering to help a young man he meets named Jordy… And the drama just begins.

The cast so far, have delivered a great performance, with fast-paced episodes that still seem to cover all of the bases without feeling rushed. Creator Paul Storiale is the mastermind behind the series. He was a Chicago finalist on Last Comic Standing two years in a row and moved to LA to pursue acting. He fell into directing and writing and now has multiple credits under his belt including the critically acclaimed The Columbine Project. Check out the first two episodes of Gossip Boy below.

Gossip Boy: Season 1, Episode 1

We meet Jairus Moore. Having grown up with an unloving Aunt and Uncle, it’s time to move to Los Angeles for Nathan, an Internet romance. Aunt Darlene finds something mysterious in the garage that may effect Jairus.

Gossip Boy: Season 1, Episode 2

Jairus is introduced to Nathan’s group of friends. Devin Potter might be a problem.

New episodes are released every Sunday so be sure to keep up-to-date! You can find Gossip Boy at the following places:

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