Yesterday, a celebrity surpassed Google CEO Larry Page as the most followed person on Google+. After four months since the new social network’s launch, it doesn’t seem to have become “a thing”. I do have a personal page and recently also created business profiles for both of my businesses (Homorazzi and Masc), now that they have made business pages available, but it just doesn’t seem to be catching on very fast. In fact, last week, The Times reported U.S. traffic to Google+ has dropped in 11 of the 21 weeks since its launch, regularly falling between 10% and 20% from one week to the next.

A few months ago, Google+ launched their “celebrity acquisition” plan, following in the footsteps of Twitter and Facebook. Now one celebrity is taking the lead in the number of people that are circling him/her. Find out who it is below.

It’s Britney, bitch. Britney Spears now has 739,321 people that have her in their circles – and counting. With this news, I’m sure hardcore fans of Rihanna and Lady Gaga are now about to give Britney fans a run for their money.