I can’t believe this happened AND I can’t believe it was caught on camera! Just a regular day at a park in Montreal, Canada…until it wasn’t.

While the father attends to his two kids, a guy nearby is filming a golden eagle (one of the best known birds of prey in North America) that is flying above the park. “Wow,” he says as he watches it fly. Suddenly, the bird then makes a u-turn and speeds down towards the grass in the park. The guy with the camera follows along until he realizes the eagle just lay his claws into the infant’s coat and is proceeding to take off with the prey. “Oh sh*t,” he shouts as he begins to run over. The dad then takes notice and starts shouting and running towards the eagle himself.

It’s so terrifying! I remember being in an area where eagles where flying around and I wouldn’t let my chihuahua/dachschund dogs run around freely because I was cautious of the eagles. I think I made the right decision considering this bird had no probably picking up an infant! These birds are known for taking on some larger animals. Watch the insane video below. Thankfully the child was safe in the end.

*UPDATE: The video has apparently been proven to be fake. I’ve included a second video that has been uploaded to prove it.

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid (Fake)