If you’ve been following my Model Behavior posts this year, you’ve probably noticed I’m trying to mix things up more frequently. I’ve taken all your feedback to heart. Hope you enjoy this week’s selection. He’s widely regarded as the first Asian male supermodel. Meet Godfrey Gao.

This 28-year-old stunner is of Taiwanese and Malaysian descent but calls Vancouver home. His family moved to Canada at the age of nine. Godfrey has the distinction of being the first Asian face for Louis Vuitton Men. With many high fashion brands recording soaring profits in Asia Pacific, it only makes sense Asian models are being brought to the forefront. There are even reports that Chinese men are spending more on luxury goods than their female counterparts.

In addition to strutting out his hotness for fashion photographers, Gao also dabbles in acting. He has a long list of credits, mostly on Taiwenese television and cinema. Check out this tall drink of water below. He’s got his “blue steel” look down pack.

His history-making Louis Vuitton ad. His look definitely works with the high-end brand.

Pimping products other than LV.

Just chillin’ shirtless with his perfectly coiffed hair. That’s just how he rolls.

You can’t handle all this couture 😉

Hanging poolside ready for a dip.

Working that arced eyebrow to an inch of its life.

Who wants to sit on Godfrey’s lap?

Any of our Taiwanese readers care to translate all this? Good thing his good looks transcends all languages.

Working out his money-making catalogue poses.

Love this photo.

Daddy needs to unzip a little more.

I can think of a few other “sacks” he can carry with his hands 😉

He certainly loves that tilt-down-three-quarter-profile head pose, doesn’t he? I guess that’s his signature look.

Someone’s ready for a shirtless white party.

Whatcha looking at?

Great headshot… speaking of head shot 😉