Glee’s Whitney Houston Songs Hit The Internet

A few days ago Fox generously released the full-length clip of Mercedes, Santana, Kurt and Rachel’s amazing a capella version of “How Will I Know“. After hearing that rousing rendition of the Whitney Houston classic, I couldn’t wait to hear what other songs “Glee” had in store for us on Tuesday’s Whitney-centric episode. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait til then to hear all of them. All seven songs were released at hour long intervals yesterday on Praise Jesus.

While all weren’t as outstanding as the brilliant arrangement of “How Will I Know”, there are a few standouts. Personally, I love the gang’s cover of “My Love Is Your Love“. They all sound great on the track and do it justice. Another surprise was Quinn and newbie Sam Larsen’s duet on my favorite Whitney ballad, “Saving All My Love For You“. By far the most disappointing for me was Santana and Brittany singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)“. Maybe, it’ll translate better when I see the video performance instead of just hearing the vocals. Listen to all the tracks below and be sure to cast your vote on your favorite.

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Be sure to watch Glee’s “Dance With Somebody” episode on Tuesday April 24 at 8pm on FOX. I, personally can not wait.

  • Bobby

    What were they thinking letting Kurt sing “I have nothing” that was a horrible choice. It should of been Mercedes(Amber Riley) because she has a killer voice. Despite what people might think of Chris Colfer he has a horrible voice and can’t sing. Having him sing that song has got to be the worst choice in Glee history

  • CBL

    I agree having Chris Colfer sing “I have nothing” was a bad choice. They should have given it to Amber, she would have killed it. I don’t think Chris has a horrible voice, just that they need to find the right songs for his voice. His voice makes me think of El DeBarge. I was also surprised by the “Saving All My Love For You” duet. Why didn’t Amber get to have a solo during Whitney week?

  • rowell james bautista

    Please confirm the rumor that Jessica Sanchez will join the glee cast on its fourth season. Thank you.