For TV lovers, ending the holidays is a breath of fresh air when our favorite series’ return to their rightful time slots with new episodes for us to enjoy. On Tuesday, January 10, Glee will debut their first new episode back titled Yes/No. A lot is about to go down in this episode so make sure you’re holding on to your hat.

One of the most exciting moments for the show will probably be the introduction of guest star Nene Leakes. However, I am more excited personally for the rendition of Summer Nights from Grease sung by Amber Riley & Chord Overstreet aka Mercedes and Sam . At the end of season two, it looked like they had a thing going, but on return from the break, Sam had moved away and Mercedes had moved on. Will love rekindle for these two?

While only the audio of the song has been revealed, I can tell you that I think it will be one of those Glee numbers that is actually memorable from the season. Not to mention, the crew packed up and headed to the original location where they filmed the famous outdoor Rydell High scenes. And from the screenshots from the episode, it looks like they nail some of the famous images from the movie’s iconic number. Listen to Summer Nights below.

Chord Overstreet & Amber Riley, “Summer Nights”

What did you think? Naturally, I love Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) interjection in the women’s group. A great idea to include him with the women and Blaine with the boys. I am really looking forward to checking out this episode on Tuesday. Will you be tuning in?