Ryan Murphy hailed “Shooting Star” as one of Glee‘s most powerful and emotional episodes they’ve ever filmed. Was he right or did he exaggerate? I say “yes” and “no.”

The episode felt like two different parts. The events leading up to the gunshots were a tad silly and didn’t really fit in. I love Brittany (Heather Morris) but the whole asteroid Armageddon drama and Lord Tubbington subplots didn’t work here. Also, I like Ryder’s “Catfish” dating storyline, but again it would’ve been served better in a different episode. PS: Who do you think it is? I’m calling Unique.

Where “Shooting Star” shined were the moments it showed the students dealing with the fact they were about to die. For the most part, the cast isn’t pushed with their acting abilities, but did they ever impress during those tense moments. I was on the edge of my seat and really felt their emotion. Brittany was a revelation as she stood in a bathroom stall hiding out. Who knew she should could act as well as she dances?

In the end *SPOILER ALERT* there was no gunman but rather it was Becky (Lauren Potter). She brought the gun to Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and accidentally triggered two shots. In the end, Sue took the fall for Becky and was forced to leave her position.

Was I hoping for some bloodshed? No, but the resolution seemed like a cop out. I guess Ryan Murphy was careful not to construct a story that made the show a procedural crime drama. Law & Order: Lima Heights anyone? After all the show is about singing and pimping singles on iTunes. Check out all of last night’s performances below.

“Your Song” from “Shooting Star”

“More Than Words” from “Shooting Star”

“Say” from “Shooting Star”

Which performance did you like best? With Coach Sylvester being let go, does this mean Lynch is leaving the show? I hope not. If she goes and the rumored exits of Murphy and the other co-creators are true, Season 5 of Glee might as well be another show. Did you watch last night’s episode? Do you think the show handled gun violence well? Sound off below.