Glee Cuts Four Series Regulars For Season 5

Last year, when the first crop of seniors graduated McKinley High, Ryan Murphy wasn’t ruthless enough to cut any of them, letting the cast decide if they wanted to stay on the show. The Glee co-creator kept all of them on payroll and as series regulars despite some of them only appearing in a handful of episodes. That’s not the case for Season 5. Find out who’s being cut from the show below. reports that Amber Riley (Mercedes), Mark Saling (Puck), Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike) and Heather Morris (Brittany) have been removed as series regulars. With that being said, there’s nothing keeping them from making a guest appearance on the show in the future. Morris probably wont’ return until she pops out the baby in her oven. Dianna Argon who was credited as a guest star last year also isn’t slated to return to the FOX show this season. Due to a main role on ABC’s Mixology, Vanessa Lengies (Sugar) is most likely leaving New Directions as well.

With their departures, does this mean promotions for Melissa Benoist (Marley), Blake Jenner (Ryder) and Jacob Artist (Jake)? Or are we getting another slew of newbies to the cast? What would you prefer? Are you going to miss any of the original New Directions? Sound off below.

  • Gabriel

    Ah 🙁 I’m going to miss Mercedes & Brittany. At least Santana is still on the show, she’s amazing.

    I hope they don’t get new characters, but rather focus on the ones already there, they could do so much with them!

    We’ll see what happens in a few months 🙂

  • Ryan

    I’ll miss Brittany the most. Ryder and Marley were my favorites of the new group, despite Ryder getting that horribly unnecessary storyline about the mystery person texting him. Such a waste of his character and the show’s overall focus.

  • Micheal

    It’s not like Mercedes, Puck and Mike were on the show often at all so I can’t really the say I’ll miss them.

    I always thought Glee went about casting the wrong way. I thought they should have cast changed a la Degrassi and just totally wave bye-bye to graduates, or pulled a Saved by the Bell and follow a certain number of characters to college (and I’m definitely thinking of Rachel Kurt and Santana in NYC) and introducing new characters around them. What’s happening now is a mess.

  • to be honest.. i would be missing Brittany, acting dumb is not an easy task.. haaha.. love her!

  • stranded

    They were hardly there anyway, so i wouldn’t say it’s a complete loss of characters. None of them have lingering storylines that tie them to either New York or McKinley High. Except for Britney, but it makes sense for her to go as well. From the high school cast, i can’t say there is anyone there i’m really identifying with/ caring about. I think they did a piss poor job of introducing the new kids. Their storylines (except for maybe the catfish) were superficial. I just thought there was no depth to them. I agree with Michael, they should have done it Degrassi style by introducing and exiting characters every season. I don’t think the New York story is strong enough to be a spin-off, but its probably the story that draws audiences.

    I heard the show only has 3 writers. I think the lack of creativity is starting to show.

  • Robomunchkin

    This is the feeling that Shannen Doherty leaving charmed,

  • ND

    The show was good at the start, but went downhill fast. I’m surprised that it remains on the air. The first set of characters were good, but I don’t know about the newer ones as I stopped watching.

  • Homegirl No5

    Who cares. All we want to see are the gays.

  • Bustenhalter

    As long as Blaine is going anywhere, I’ll still watch!

  • Rich

    What about the ones who just graduated? I would not miss any of them including Tina and Sam, who have no singing or dancing talent at all. They just drag the show down.