It’s a brave new “Glee“. At least that’s what the first Season 4 promo claims. Based on first impression, I think they’re half right. Still the same, Brittany is as “bright” as ever, Sue Sylvester is still throwing jabs at Will and not a single hair is out of place on Blaine’s head. Speaking of the latter, the slicked-hair half of Klaine covers Imagine Dragon’s “It’s Time” and is used in the Fox clip.

As for the new, Kate Hudson is a deliciously bitchy dance teacher, Coach Sylvester is a proud mama, and a “newish” character joins New Directions. The first official image of Hudson as Rachel Berry’s NYADA dance teacher Cassandra July (love the name), was released by Ryan Murphy via Twitter earlier this week. Doesn’t she look FIERCE in the picture above. And PS, who’s that hottie she’s hanging onto? Hudson signed on for six episodes. I can’t wait. Check out the dialogue from her first encounter with NYADA freshman Rachel Berry.

Kate Hudson: “I bet you were a big star back in Iowa.”
Lea Michele: “I’m actually from Ohio.”
Kate Hudson: “Oh, Ohio? Even worse.”

With half of New Directions graduating, some new bodies were needed to McKinley High’s Glee club. The first to be recruited comes in the form of transfer student, Wade Adams aka Unique. As you recall, Unique was played by “The Glee Project” Season 1 runner-up Alex Newell. Looks like, Newell has parlayed his short stint last year into a longer recurring part for Season 4. Congrats. I should also probably mention that Will Schuester is sporting a shorter ‘do. Definitely less Chia Pet’ish. Check it out along with everything else I’ve mentioned below.

Glee Season 4 Promo

Are you excited about “Glee’s” fourth season? Doesn’t Kate Hudson’s character look deliciously witchy? So excited that Alex Newell’s Unique is back. I expect more fabulous drag outfits from him. How about you? Sound off below.