Ryan Murphy Confirms Who’s Leaving & Staying On Glee For Season 4

Glee” airs its third season finale this upcoming Tuesday with a special graduation episode. Ever since it was announced half the cast were seniors and leaving McKinley High this year, speculation began on who was leaving the series. While it was certain that Rachel, Kurt and Finn would continue with the show, the remaining senior’s fates who weren’t heading to NYC were up in the air.

For Season 4, Ryan Murphy revealed that Rachel, Finn and Kurt’s adventures in the Big Apple would be a show within a show. With Mercedes, Santana and Quinn all having different plans, many wondered if we had seen the last of them on the FOX show. Speculation hit a fever pitch last week when both Mercedes and Quinn posted tweets that inferred they were leaving the show.

“Thank you Ryan Murphy for believing in me and helping me move forward in my career! Season 4 is going to be amazing.” – Amber Riley (Mercedes)

‘Four years of love, light & support. To the cast, crew & creators. And to all of you that have shown your love along the way. We just can’t thank you enough. This has always been a very surreal experience. X’ – Dianna Agron (Quinn)

I can see why fans thought Amber and Quinn were leaving the show. Their Tweets were definitely cryptic. Ryan Murphy decided to put all rumors to rest and confirmed who’s staying on with the show. Find out below.

SURPRISE… It’s all of them. Here’s what the show co-creator revealed:

“We had a meeting, and you know we’ve become like a family, and I said to them, ‘Anybody who wants to stay on the show will stay on the show,'” Murphy says. “They’re all coming back. Anyone who is a regular is coming back. Everyone said yes.”

That said, “It doesn’t mean everyone will be doing 22 episodes, but everyone wants to stay in our family and our world,'” Murphy reveals. “I wanted to make sure those actors know that if they want to have a home, they have a home. If they want to explore new and different things while also having a home, that is also an option.”

To be perfectly honest, I’m shocked he’s keeping everyone on. It would’ve been the perfect time to let go of Quinn, Puck and Mike Chang. That said, I’m glad that Mercedes, Santana and Brittany will stay on in some capacity.

With this all out in the open now, one question remains… do we believe Ryan Murphy? After all, he did say at the end of Season 2, that the third season would not have any tribute episodes *cough* Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston *cough* and wouldn’t have big name guest stars. I guess Ricky Martin, Matt Bomer, Lindsay Lohan and a slew of others aren’t “big” stars. LOL.

What do you think of Ryan Murphy’s comments? Glad everyone is coming back? If you ran the show, which character(s) would you write off? Sound off below.

  • Josh

    I don’t care either way. This show has gone so off the rails, Tuesday’s finale is the last episode I’ll be watching. If Ryan Murphy was smart (which we’ve all seen he obviously isn’t) he’d use this as a perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and make the show good again. Dump the graduates, focus the show on three or four kids (Sam, Tina, Rory and Blaine would be the obvious choices) and make us actually care what happens on this show, instead of it being a series of things that happen to caricatures with names.

  • I didn’t expect this at all. In fact, I thought for sure that the folks graduating (including Kurt, Finn, + Rachel) were leaving the show after this season. That said, I’m happy that we’ll see all of them again on the next season. I look forward to seeing how it all works out. I am really, really hoping to hear whether Alex “Unique” Newell will become a permanent fixture on the show next season, though. That boy can sang!

  • good one

    I couldn’t believe how Blaine was just dumped on at nationals, although I was pleasantly surprised by Finn’s singing. While the final two episodes were the highlight of the season, it does not make up for the crapshoot of a season Glee had this year. I’m with Josh; I just may not watch it next season.

  • I’ll def be watching next season + I am wondering if Finn’s voice has gotten that much better or have they enhanced it somehow differently than they used to? It sounds so much better lately. I love it, but just curious.

  • JP

    Although the senior made the show what it was I would have love the focus to be on the juniors and the new cast. And I wish that next season it not all about one person cause I was getting tired of the Rachelle Berry show towards the end. With that being said the seniors could make cameo appearance.

  • HarryR

    I’m with JP. After all, this is supposed to be high school, with the stage cleared of seniors each year, leaving room for the juniors & sophomores & freshmen to move up for their chances in the spotlight, each with their own personality and dramas. That’s what makes high school different each year. Glee has so much been the Rachelle Berry show that it’s been getting tedious at times. I want to see what they do with Tina & Mike & Rory & Alex & the others. They’ll not be as polished but they’ll be fresh & interesting.

  • Erin

    Will we see Finn and Puck in season 4 at William McKinley High School
    Really want to See More of Finn and Puck in season 4 at William McKinley High School


  • Erin

    Glee is one of mine favorite shows on the fox channel i really want to see The Original cast back for the season 4 I really Want Finn and Puck Back at William McKinley High School so they can stay in the glee club forever

    I so look forward every week to see Finn and Puck William McKinley High School and I really want to see more of Finn and Puck in 22 episodes in season 4

  • William MIchael

    When will Chord Overstreet be a regular? What are the plans for his character?

  • CM

    Pissed Finn is back.

  • MJ

    well, i’ve always loved puck so i will be very happy to see him on the next season. Loved the pilot episode!!