With “Glee” on hiatus for the past several weeks, I was looking forward to its return tonight with Matt Bomer appearing as Blaine’s older brother. Love Bomer and think he’s fine as shizz, but now that Fox has released the first images from the upcoming Whitney Houston show, I’m like Matt who. Sadly though, I have wait til April 24 when the tribute episode, titled “Dance With Somebody“, airs. BOO. Oh well, hopefully “Glee” will make it up to me by giving me a couple of shirtless scenes of Bomer tonight 😉

As you can see in the picture above, one song that is definitely going to be included in the Whitney-centric episode will be “How I Will I Know“. With those 80s hair bows and glittery sliver dress, what else can it be. Now the question remains, what other songs will appear on the show? Ryan Murphy previously mentioned that eight Houston songs were planned for the tribute which will be a “lesson in how to say goodbye.”

When news first broke out, I made a couple of predictions. I thought Blaine and Kurt could duet on “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” since rumor has it Klaine are dunzo. Also, I thought and secretly hoped the girls would belt out “I’m Every Woman” and then a group number by New Directions on “I Wanna Dance With Somebody“. Given the episode title refers to the latter track, it appears to be a solid bet for that pop track’s inclusion.

Images From “Dance With Somebody” Episode

Brittany looks like she “wants to dance with” a piano instead of somebody.

Brittany S. Pearce doing a little hairography with that silver bow attached to her head.

Blaine looks so serious. I sense a ballad coming on.

Santana and Rachel together. This has to be “I’m Every Woman”.

What has New Directions on their feet? It has to be Santana & Brittany’s “How Will I Know” duet. That or Whitney Houston rising from the dead. I’m thinking the former.

Alex Newell’s Debut

The episode preceding the Whitney Houston tribute marks the debut of the last of the “Glee Project” kids from Season 1 to appear on “Glee”. Alex Newell joins the cast for a couple of episodes as Wade, the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline. Rumor had it that he was supposed to play Mercedes’ cross-dressing younger brother. I wonder why that plan was nixed. “Saturday Night Glee-ver” airs on April 17, 2012.

Are you looking forward to “Glee” returning tonight? or more for the Whitney Houston tribute? What Houston track do you hope the show tackles? Sound off below.