On Tuesday’s mid-season finale of “Glee”, we have Chord Overstreet aka Trouty Mouth’s highly-anticipated return to the hallowed halls of McKinley High. I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed that floopy blond hair and those big fish lips. His character Sam Evans is eager to pick things up with his ex-girlfriend Mercedes (Amber Riley). Problem is, Mercedes is attached right not. But since this is “Glee“, I’m sure that relationship isn’t going to last long.

Unlike Mercedes, Sam is welcomed with open arms over at New Directions. Why wouldn’t they? With Rachel Berry suspended and prohibited from competing at Sectionals, Mr. Schue’s show choir needs all the help it can get. They definitely have an uphill battle, especially after checking out The Troubletones’ sectional performance. Shelby Corcoran’s girls kill it, correction, KILL IT on the stage. I absolutely loved it and found myself rocking out to it while sitting at my computer desk. Check it out below and see for yourself.

The Troubletones “Survivor/I Will Survive” Mashup

After Mercedes, Santana and Brittany’s rousing mashup of Adele’s “Someone Like You” and “Rumor Has It”, I didn’t think they could come up with anything remotely as good. Boy, did these girls prove me wrong. Check out a mashup of Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit with Destiny’s Child’s anthemic track. It’s spectacular.

Sam & Mercedes Talk About Summer Fling

Trouty Mouth wants Mercedes back but she’s not having it. She claims it was just a summer fling and that she’s over him. Her lips may say ‘no’, but check out her facial expression as she walks away. It’s very telling.

Uh, oh. It’s another Quinn and Rachel showdown. What in the world could these two possibly be arguing about now?

Sam is back and armed with his handy guitar. Let’s hope the show utilizes him more this season. They’ve done a great job of letting Santana and Mercedes shine, so hopefully they give Sam the same treatment.

Has hell frozen over? Finn and Blaine look like they’re getting along. Color me shocked.

Oh Rachel. It must be killing her that she’s not wailing her little heart out on stage. Perhaps, she’ll think twice the next time she stuffs a “box” *wink*

You can totally tell Brittany (Heather Morris) used to dance back up for Beyonce. Just look at that skillful hair whipping.

Applauding the competition. It’s hard to tell if they’re being genuine.

Can anyone tell me who those two random guys in the back middle are? I guess they were needed to met the minimum twelve member rule.

What did you think of the Troubletones’ performance? Excited about Chord Overstreet’s return. I can’t wait for his synchronized swimming storyline to begin in January. A shirtless Sam Evans is an awesome Sam Evans.