TV BackTalk: Glee Season 2, Episode 6 Performances & Best Quotes

After a week hiatus, “Glee” was back with a brand new episode. After an even longer break, Noah “Puck” Puckerman also returned after not appearing in the past two episodes. Producers say it was for storyline reasons, but I think it was so Mark Salling could go out and promote his debut CD. Whatever the reason, it was nice to see the hottie back with his womanizing ways.

When I first read the sixth episode was named “Never Been Kissed“, I knew it probably had something to do with Kurt since this was the episode when his rumored boyfriend would be making his debut. But as we all know, in the world of Ryan Murphy– expect the unexpected. Not only were there two characters who had never been kissed, but the person giving Kurt his first smooch was someone no one expected.

Just like last year’s sixth episode titled “Vitamin D“, this episode featured a boys versus girls mashup showdown. The boys killed it last year with one of my favorite performances from season one. Their mashup of Usher’s “Confessions” and Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” still excites me til this day. But the vocal showdown wasn’t the main focus of the show, that solely belonged to Kurt.

Heading into the episode, all the hype surrounded around Kurt meeting Darren Criss’ character, Blaine. While Kurt’s sexuality has been a sense of discord in his life thus far, Blaine has had the opposite philosophy and finds himself, being gay empowering. Though it may seem obvious for these two characters to hook up, Ryan Murphy stated their relationship would be platonic first, with Blaine acting as Kurt’s mentor. After watching last night’s episode, I can definitely see that. I’m glad that just because Blaine is gay, the producers aren’t having a knee-jerk reaction to couple them up immediately.

So you might be wondering, who Kurt ended up kissing if Blaine is solely his friend at the moment. Just like “90210“, it’s the homophobic bully who’s been harassing Kurt that planted a passionate lip lock with him. Karofsky, played by Max Adler, has long tormented the Glee club, especially Kurt. After what transpired last night, we now know the bullying was Karofsky’s inability to deal with his sexuality. If Blaine turns out to be just a mentor in the long run, could Karofsky become Kurt’s new boyfriend? Expect the unexpected, right?

The other character never experiencing a kiss before, was Coach Beiste. Upon hearing she was being used as a mental visual to thwart sexual pleasure by the boys and Tina, she quits McKinley High. The boys apologize to her and serenade her, hoping she’d return. She does, but let’s face it, it was the kiss she shared with Will Schuester that probably sealed the deal. It’s probably wrong for me to say this, but was I the only one who had to turn away when they kissed?

PUCK & ARTIE: One Love/People Get Ready

The song seemed random in the grand scheme of things. It didn’t really propel any storylines except to have Artie and Puck bond. Whatever the reason, I really liked their version of the Bob Marley classic. Artie is probably one of the most underrated singers on the Glee cast. Glad to see him get the spotlight, even if he had to share it with Puck.


I originally posted this performance a couple of days ago, and raved about it then. After seeing it on my big screen and within the context of the show, I love it even more. How adorable is Blaine and his serenade to Kurt. Fun fact, the background vocals of “Teenage Dream” were provided by collegiate a cappella group The Beelzebubs from Tufts University. They appeared on the Nick Lachey-hosted reality show, “The Sing-Off” last year.


Last year the boys IMHO outsang the girls in the mashup sing-off. Even though there was no declared winner, even Mercedes knew the boys had won. Not to be outdone twice, the girls made sure they didn’t lose twice to the boys. They literally rocked it out during the performance. While watching it, I realized that Rachel hasn’t really been getting meaty storylines this year. Neither has Mercedes up to this point. I wonder what’s up with that. Season 2 has been all about Kurt.

FINN, ARTIE, PUCK, SAM, KURT and MIKE: top in the Name of Love/Free Your Mind

While I applaud the selection of the two songs, especially “Free Your Mind”, I was left wanting more after the boys stopped singing. Since last year’s “Confessions/It’s My Life” mashup is one of my all-time faves, this had a lot to live up to. While the playful flirting with the boys’ respective love interest was cute, it was no substitution for the iconic wheelchair body roll from last year. Oh well, the boys can’t win every year.

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Glee Season 2, Episode 6 Best Quotes (Never Been Kissed)

Puck: “Well slow down Professor X. I never said anything about liking you.”

Will: “I’m not tossing the baby out with the bathwater, here.”
Brittany: “I’ve totally done that!”

Quinn: “… I’m dating the hottest guy at school–”
Sue Sylvester: “Who’d rater be dry humping She Hulk. Oh dear God, why did I say that? Now that’s what I’m picturing. you know what kinds of disgusting images I’m going to have to look at to get this out of my head? I’m going to have go straight to the wound care center and stare at some wounds.”

Sue: “You gotta show him who’s the boss. Great. Now I picture them making out to an episode of Who’s the Boss”

Puck: “Yeah, you really can’t put a dollar amount on the value of fear.”

Puck:“The thing about chicks is that you only have to be a fraction as nice to them as you were mean to them to get them to like you again.”

Tina: “With those abs you can be my own situation!”

Coach Beiste: “You crap on my leg I’ll cut it off!”

Blaine: “Prejudice is just ignorance, Kurt.”

Puck: “There’s no way I’m going back to juvee. There’s no chicks and no Kosher meals in that place.”

Sue Sylvester: “It finally occurred to them to stop singing all that nonsense about how awesome it is to be alive, or ugly, or whatever the point is you guys are always trying to make. And instead they just got mean.”

Kurt: You can’t punch the gay out of me any more than I can punch the ignoramus out of you.

Kurt: “Guess what Hamhock, you’re not my type. I don’t do that chubby boy who sweats so much they’re gonna be bald by the time they’re 30.”

Santana: “Can I just say this is what happen when you don’t put out? If everyone put out we’d have a winning football team.”

Coach Beiste: “I’ve never been kissed, Will. It’s the simplest thing – a kiss. It’s the doorway to everything else, you know? Promise; hope; a future with someone.”

“COURAGE.” — Blaine’s text to Kurt

Overall I liked the non-themed episode. It was nice to see a wide array of song selections and the plot be the star of the show instead of someone’s songbook. What was the highlight of the episode for you? Did you see Karofsky being a closeted homo? More importantly, how excited are you for Gywneth Paltrow’s guest spot next week?

  • Graham

    LOL! I totally turned away when Shu and Beiste too!

  • Chico

    Totally didnt see that coming with the kiss! is it just me or is the football jock suddenly kinda cute now that we know he plays for our team? hehehehe

    also the 2 best lines:

    Santana: “Can I just say this is what happen when you don’t put out? If everyone put out we’d have a winning football team.”

    Quinn: “… I’m dating the hottest guy at school–”
    Sue Sylvester: “Who’d rater be dry humping She Hulk. Oh dear God, why did I say that?

    Love Sue!

  • adam a.

    I am definitely enjoying the new additions to the cast. And I think the kiss with the football player was a good twist, and again keeps the show interesting.

    I am kind of glad that this season hasn’t been all about Rachel. Too much of her can sometime be a bit much, and last night was great cause we only got a couple snippets of her.

    And I must say I think that Santanna should have been doing the lead vocals for the girls.

  • I changed the channel, but more because Schuester is so infuriating to watch I couldn’t stand it. I’m sick of his “kicked puppy” routine.

    Aside from him, I’d say this is tied for my fave episode with “The Rhodes Not Taken”. It was really surprising considering the trainwreck of the RHGS. 😛

  • I meant I change the channel during the Bieste/Schuester Kiss…actually during part of their conversation because I knew where it was going. 😛

  • Dan

    This was hands down my favourite episode to date. What will Glee think of next?!

  • Teddy

    I loved the scene with Bieste and Will. It was one of my favorite moments from the episode. I thought it was so sincere, touching and sweet. I think their kiss was really cute and properly done 🙂 I dont see why you would have to turn away from it….
    Im glad Kurt finally has a gay friend. He has someone to relate to and talk to. They are so cute together. I loved the performance of Teenage Dream. Kurt looked sooo happy at that time, like he found a paradise.
    I really enjoyed this episode. I am so looking forward to next week with Gwyneth 🙂

  • Jordan

    I totally called it! I knew it from the very start of the harassment towards Kurt way back when…that it was because one of them was trying to deny their sexuality and show how “manly” they were. I did a “I TOLD YOU SO” dance (hip thrusting and pointing) to all my friends that I was watching it with. They were flabbergasted that I saw the foreshadowing in the show.

    PS – I really hope that Kurt and Blaine don’t end up dating. I think it’s really cheesy that just because another gay character is on the show that they HAVE TO DATE.

  • That was so much fun. I swooned at Blaine, OMG’d at the Bully kiss, and totally fast forwarded the Bieste kiss. I couldn’t handle it!

  • Tyson

    I didn’t like that they said they were going to do opposites, then whipped around and picked the regulars (Phin, Rachel, Sam, and Mercedes) to sing. I also hate how all the boys rejected kurt’s idea’s for a song to sing. Can’t the guys ever do at least one song that doesn’t give into the “macho man” theme? I still have my hopes that Kurt will move to Dalton Academy, either that or punch Santa the next time she makes a bitchy gay joke. And wasn’t anyone else angry at the fact that Will trivialized EVERYTHING kurt and Bieste told him in their “heart-to-earts?”

  • Chico

    @jordan imagine if kurt and the bully started dating after the bully gives a heartfelt confession! OMG that would be awesome to see him take a slushie to face just for Kurt 😀

  • Paolo

    Great episode! Sue’s lines about imagining Sam and Coach Beiste had me LOLing.

    I saw the football bully being guy from a mile away too. I sort of expected that there was a twist coming and the Blaine guy was just red herring.

    Finally, I liked the scene between Coach Beiste and Mr. Schue UNTIL he kissed her. Not because it grossed me out or anything like that, but because I thought Mr. Schue was so patronizing. It wasn’t a genuinely romantic kiss that as Beiste said was the doorway to “promise; hope; a future with someone.”, it was a pity kiss because we all knew Mr. Schue never really intends to be in a relationship with her. Ugh.

  • Jordan

    Chico – It would be quite endearing if that happened eh?

  • Chico

    @jordan…it would be soo cool…i can jus see him wrapping kurt in a big bear hug! 🙂

  • ewan

    the best episode ever!!!!! loved the songs, loved the storyline, loved everything!

  • Tim

    Struck a chord with me – considering all the media attention about “It gets better” this had a pretty powerful message. The show was great, but I think the underlying message was a lot better.