Not only have we waited since December for a brand new “Glee” episode, but we also had to endure a lackluster halftime show (sorry BEP) to finally watch the heavily promoted “The Sue Sylvester Super Bowl Shuffle“. Was it the worth the wait… mmmm, I think not. To say it was a let down would be an understatement. Perhaps, I was just worn down from a hectic fun-filled weekend in Whistler for WinterPRIDE to enjoy the episode. All the time I was at my friend’s Super Bowl party, I just kept wishing I was at home, watching the game, commercials and “Glee” in bed with a bucket of KFC.

This episode perfectly illustrated what has been good and bad with this season of “Glee”. Some hit or miss performances, all over the place character development with some incredibly touching moments. There were things I definitely liked, but I was expecting the episode to take flight, but it never did. I just remember the awesome post-Super Bowl “Alias” episode a few years back. That was AMAZING and truly felt like a special event.

As much as some guest cameos drive me up the wall, I did find Katie Couric’s sorta wooden performance hilarious. I also enjoyed the Dalton Academy Warblers performance, but just felt it had no plot relevancy. By and far the most disappointing aspect of the show was the overly hyped “Thriller” homage. I was bored of it before it even began, which is saying a lot since I love working out my Thriller moves at a party.

Check out a few of the musical numbers below, along with my usual recap of the episode’s best and most memorable quotes. Be sure to share your favorite/least favorite moments of the show at the end of this post. Hopefully, Tuesday’s episode will be better than this one. It’s a shame, given the the opportunity to win over new viewers who just finished watching the big game, Ryan Murphy and company presented a sub-standard episode.

RACHEL & PUCK: Need You Now

Out of the numbers, this was my favorite. It’s exactly what I used to love about this show. No gimmick, no insane production, just a great cover that had plot relevancy. I really hope Puckleberry gives it another go. Finnchel really started to bore me near the end of their relationship.


There’s no denying Darren Criss & his crew did an amazing job with this Destiny’s Child classic. My biggest problem with it, was it stuck out like a sore thumb. It had no relevance to plot nor character development. Is it me, or was their something hilariously odd about watching a bunch of preppy private school boys channeling their inner Bug-a-boo?

NEW DIRECTIONS: Thriller/Heads Will Roll

I really wanted to like this. I think my expectations and the hype set the bar so high, Glee had no chance of meeting it . The Filipino prisoners and Jennifer Garner in “13 Going on 30” are still my favorite homages. Reportedly the episode cost between $3-5 million to film, but I really didn’t see where the money went. I’m sure the pay scale for extra zombies isn’t that high.

Glee Season 2, Episode 11 Best Quotes (The Sue Sylvester Super Bowl Shuffle)

Puck: “Maybe you’ll think it’s cooler when I go all “Tik Tok” on your face.”

Sue Sylvester: “Here I am 31 and already a legend; what will I do as a second act?”

Sue Sylvester: “I know I try to make it a habit of not touching carnie folk but fella, I’ll take it!”

Will: “Do you trust me?”
Coach Beiste: “You aren’t going to try to kiss me again are you?”

Black football player: “If I have to stay I’m not singing anything show tunes; that’s the music of my oppressors.”

Rachel: “Fine. As offended as I am by their presence here I won’t let anything get in the way of a performance.”

Brittany: “I was gonna donate my Chevy Cruise to Charity. Charity is my cat – she totaled our SUV last weekend.”

Sue Sylvester: “Ladies, my Sue-clear weapon.”

Brittany: “I don’t want to die yet. At least not until One Tree Hill gets canceled.”

Figgins: “But the risk and danger aren’t to you!”
Sue: “That’s the best part!”

Brittany: “And the glee club together with the football team was like a double rainbow. A zombie double rainbow.”

Katie Couric: “In the voting you beat out the following losers: the economy; Mel Gibson; the housing market; Dina Lohan; Wall Street; Tiger Woods; the Dallas Cowboys; Brett Farve’s cell phone; 9 percent unemployment and Spark Lohan who is Dina Lohan’s dog and apparently … also a loser. How do you cope with this?”
Sue Sylvester: “I’ve been drinking a lot of bleach.”

Katie Couric: “Thoughts?”
Sue Sylvester: “I hate you Diane Sawyer.”

Sue Sylvester: “No time for a fourtime, ladies. The bus leaves in five.”

Sue Sylvester: “You don’t go in that canon and this routine will be all boom, boom and no pow. And that, Brittany, is so 2008 and… late.”

Kurt: “Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves.”

Kurt: “I bring Finn a glass of warm milk every night, just in the hopes we may have a little lady chat.”