You’re going to have to wait just a little longer to find that out. I’m a little bit of a tease that way. On this week’s episode of “Glee“, Santana had her coming out party. While her friends were supportive, her grandmother was not. In a heart-wrenching scene, Santana’s abuela disowned her granddaughter and told her to leave. I’m glad that the show decided to show a response to coming out that wasn’t so pleasant. Let’s face it, not everyone is as awesome as Burt Hummel.

Though Santana’s grandmother wasn’t supportive, earlier in the episode Santana told New Directions that her parents took her lesbian declaration well. Whether that’s true, remains to be seen. When “Glee” returns in January, we’ll find out first hand when Santana’s mom makes her debut. Just who’ll be playing her mom? Here’s a hint. She’s an international music star in both English and Spanish speaking countries. Sources say, the cast are “really really big fans of hers and love her music and her husband’s music”.

As you can see, it’s none other than Gloria Estefan. During the early days of the Miami Sound Machine, Estefan boldly sang that the rhythm is going to get you. She wasn’t lying. Based on the two most recent casting developments, “Glee” producers have certainly been bitten by the Latin bug. Though not officially announced, is reporting that the show is close to sealing the deal. On Gloria’s part, she’s playing coy about the rumors. Check out a tweet she posted after Tuesday night’s episode.

“Hey M’Tweets! Did anyone see Glee last night? Santana could really use a sympathetic mommy right about now, don’t you think?? Lol!”

I’m really looking forward to seeing Estefan pop up on the show. I’ve been a big fan of her music for years. Hopefully, the show will utilize her ability to perform bilingual songs. Gloria’s previous acting credits include “Music of the Heart” and the HBO movie “For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story” along with a guest mentoring gig on “American Idol” a couple of seasons back. She’ll make her first appearance on the same episode that Ricky Martin makes his in January.

What do you think of “Glee’s” casting coup? Do you think Gloria Estefan playing Santana’s mom is a good casting choice? If not, who would’ve you cast? Post all your thoughts below.