Rumor has it that FOX’s hit show Glee is having a little trouble in the ratings department. They’ve dropped every single week since it’s season three premiere despite the hype that this season would be it’s best yet with minimal guest stars and the fact that the show hired a new writing department. I guess it’s loyal fans and viewers gave up on the show for trying too hard to push the envelope and be controversial. Try as I might to steer clear of the show, I can’t help but still tune in every week to see what songs they’ll cover and what’s going to go down with all of the new romances.

Next week’s episode it titled Mash Off and is sure to bring some serious drams. First off, Puck starts spending a little bit more time at Shelby’s and confesses to her that he is in love with her. Say what?! I can’t wait to see if Puck’s teacher is hot for student. Woof! In other Shelby news, her all girl show choir, the Trouble Tones face off in serious friendly competition with Santana and Mercedes taking the lead on a fierce Adele mash-up of her tracks Rumor Has It and the epic hit Someone Like You.

Thanks to the folks at FOX, we’ve been treated to a special sneak peek at the show’s big number and mash-up. I absolutely LOVE it. Now that there is a story line for Santana and Mercedes to shine, their voices are going to be all over the show! Plus, Naya Rivera is starting to rival Ms. Lea Michele’s ho-hum vocals on the show lately. I absolutely loved her her vocal’s on West Side Story’s America this past week. Go check out the performance spoiler below.

Glee – “Rumor Has It/Someone Like You”

Like what you see/hear? This episode of Glee airs next Tuesday on FOX (check local listings).