Is Kurt Getting A New Love Interest On Glee?

Klaine fans hoping for a reconciliation after the latest episode of Glee, don’t hold your breath. is reporting, a potential new love interest for Kurt Hummel is on the horizon.

Now that Kurt has been admitted into NYADA, he’ll meet this charismatic blond when he joins the performing arts school’s glee club. Not only is he a student there but also the leader of the singing group. Currently, the character is on the show on a recurring basis but has the potential to return as a regular for Season 5. Who is this newbie?

Meet Oliver Kieran-Jones. How British sounding is that name? Though relatively unknown in the US, Jones has an extensive resume in productions across the pond including Julius Caesar with Ralph Fiennes and Richard II with Kevin Spacey. His most notable appearance stateside was a four episode arc on Showtime’s Episodes. Check out the new kid on the block below.

After dating dark-haired Blaine, it appears Kurt is going to mix it up and dabble in the blond pool. He’s definitely a bit older than I expected which is a nice change. Are you sad that there are more bumps ahead for an inevitable Klaine reunion? Do you think Blaine will move on and find a new beau too? Sound off below.

  • Homegirl No5

    Not hot enough! Boooooo

  • EvChemical

    The also said that asshole warbler from last season (rock salt guy) was sopposed to be an interest. This guy will probably tempt Kurt, until Blaine fights back.

    Though, to the show’s credit, none of the couples have lasted, so they may be trying to pair them all off with new people after all.

  • LawDude

    This is not the guy I would immediately think of for Kurt, but it seems to fit.

  • TD

    he looks like Billy from True Beauty season 1.

  • MauiKane

    Sooo, not hot! But then, neither is Kurt. Can’t wait until he and Rachel are gone from Glee! Then, I might just watch it more often.

  • wow… well.. this is not Kurt wants actually, he deserves more then just this. this is just, just. Not more that just. Well, Blaine has found a new beau eyh?

  • Isabella

    he’s so not hot, not even reach the heels of Blaine, it’s like a joke!!