Which Glee Star Just Signed A Record Deal?

Surprisingly only two Glee actors have signed record deals thus far and released them. I thought for sure by now, iTunes‘ virtual record shelves would be packed with offerings by the kids of McKinley High. Granted, they’re already full with compilations from the show. But still, I figured more of the actors would strike while the iron is hot. So far only Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester) and Mark Salling (Puck) have released debut efforts.

Morrison’s self-titled album was released on May 10 and has hit a high of No. 24 on the Billboard Charts. His lead cut, “Summer Rain” is currently climbing the adult contemporary charts and within the Top 20. Meanwhile, Salling’s efforts aren’t doing nearly as well. “Pipe Dreams” may prove to be just that, as it’s only peaked at No. 189 on Billboard’s Top 200. That being said, it’s way better than his debut album in 2008, which he released under the stage name Jericho. “Smoke Signals” went absolutely nowhere. So which fellow New Directions vocalist will be chasing pop stardom next? Find out below.

It would be none other than resident bad girl SLASH closeted lesbian Santana herself. Naya Rivera just inked a deal with Columbia Records to release a solo album. The 24-year-old has sung a diversified range of music on “Glee“. She’s belted everything from Amy Winehouse to ABBA and then some. So it’ll be interesting to see what direction her solo album takes. In previous interviews, she’s revealed that Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul’s music influenced her as a kid. So maybe a vintage 80s dance pop-filled album is what we’re in store for.

When I heard this, I was surprised neither Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and especially Amber Riley haven’t signed deals yet. Is it because they don’t want too, or because no record label wants them? I’d be curious to find out. Out of the three, Riley definitely has the chops to make it to contemporary radio, while the other two are more Broadway and adult contemporary driven. Maybe that’s why Rivera was able to sign a deal. She certainly fits perfectly into today’s pop scene.

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  • Yves Gray

    Yay for Naya! 🙂 I hope it would be something Rihanna-ish or better yet her very own distinct style.

  • ahmed

    im happy for naya 🙂

    id buy the albums of them all

  • Brent

    Yes, gurl!! Ever since Bad Romance, I’ve loved Naya’s voice.

  • Just-Marc

    Chris Colfer wil never get a serious record deaL. puhlease!

  • j

    ITA with Just-Marc. Personally, I can’t stand his singing voice; I think it’s more suited for broadway than mainstream music.

    It will be interesting how she does on the charts/in album sales.