Relive Glee’s Naked Performances

After months of hype, Glee‘sNaked” episode finally aired. While there was no full-frontal (obviously), there was a lot more skin than I had expected. And for that Ryan Murphy, I thank you on everyone’s behalf. There were shower scenes, manscaping tutorials, bicep battles and lots of closeups on Chord Overstreet’s body. Poor guy, must’ve not eaten for days and hit the gym hardcore for this episode. He was certainly on display.

But beyond all the gratuitous exploitation, the episode provided stellar performances. There wasn’t a bum one out of the bunch. Rachel’s duet with herself was filmed brilliantly. Jake Puckerman’s ballad rendition of a dance track was stunningly breathtaking. And seeing Santana and Quinn return to sing with Rachel was great to see. The OGs back in the house.

With all that said, I’m sure the one that you’ll all love is the video featuring the boys working on their fitness. While getting in tip-top camera ready shape for New Directions’ “Men of McKinley” calendar, Sam, Ryder, Jake, Joe and Blaine shook what their respective mama’s gave them while performing a wicked mashup. I wonder if Ryan Murphy will make the calendar available. I’m sure it will sell, even though it’s already February. Check out all the performances below. You won’t be disappointed.

Glee “Naked” Performances

Hot In Herre / Centerfold Mashup

One of the better mashups in recent memory and not just because we saw practically every inch of Chord Overstreet’s body. How can you go wrong with Nelly mixed with a classic 80s track? The shower scene is pretty hilarious, especially Jake’s face during the spray tan session. He’s like… “Bitch, I’m already tanned.” LOL.


As Rachel was contemplating whether or not to show her titties, she performed a duet with herself on this Natalie Imbruglia track. Side note: Isn’t performing a duet with yourself like vocal masturbation? HAHA. Love the nod to old Rachel with her frumpy sweaters and knee-high socks. Who else misses the socially-awkward overly confident Rachel from Season 1?

Let Me Love You

Absolutely brilliant. This Ne-Yo track is so much better as a heartfelt ballad than an electro-pop track. If dance music wasn’t so hot these days, I could see Ne-Yo releasing this as a mellow R&B track originally.

A Thousand Years

Not going to lie, I’m seriously developing a hardcore crush on Jake Puckerman. Embarrassingly, I hate to admit I was a tad jealous of Marley in this scene. I want to be the object of his affection (and lust).

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Love Song

It was awesome to see the oldies back together performing. Hopefully, Santana follows through and decides to move to the Big Apple. You can never have enough of everyone’s favorite Lima Heights Latina.

This Is The New Year

Loved this polished rendition of A Great Big World’s original clip. Made me nostalgic for my high school days.

Jake (Jacob Artist) vs Ryder (Blake Jenner)

Just in case you missed Blake and Jake’s “gun show” battle, here you go? I can’t believe how much Ryan Murphy exploited his male cast. All I have to say is… keep it coming.

Did you watch Glee’s “Naked” episode? What was your favorite performance? Are you enjoying the newbies? Do you miss the old gang? Sound off below.

  • MauiKane

    Love the new cast..especially Jacob Artist. Now, Ryan Murphy needs to get rid of Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer once and for all, and I will watch the show more often.

  • Russell

    I care more about Santana and Kurt than the new ones. The fresh meat is lovely to look at, and they sing well, but we’ve watched other characters develop for three seasons! I’m not willing to say goodbye.

  • HarryR

    A Thousand Years was just fabulous, so much so that i’ve listened to it at least 5 times. This episode is of a level of the first season, why I loved GLEE in the beginning. Hope they can keep it up. No word on a 5th season as yet, consequently no word on a 3rd season of the GLEE Project either. I hope they stay in Lima. Soooo many shows are set in New York or LA that it’s a cliche. The Midwest is hardly covered so that adds to GLEE’s uniqueness. Love the new cast members, wish more of the GLEE Project cast were included.

  • Michael

    Yes, Yes and Yes. Thank you Ryan Murphy….