Glee Gets ‘Naked’

Back in December, Ryan Murphy tweeted a couple images that had many people thinking that a sexy Glee calendar was on the way. Turns out that it’s sorta true. On an upcoming episode titled “Naked” airing on January 31, fans can expect lots of gratuitous skin being shown.

In an effort to raise money for Regionals (yup, New Directions are back in competition), the boys decide to take off their clothes and pose for cheesy shirtless pictures for “The Men of McKinley High” calendar. Based on the photos it looks like Jake (Jacob Artist) and Ryder (Blake Jenner) pose for October and July respectively. Poor Joe (Samuel Larsen) gets a bum deal. He gets saddled with Easter. Check out his costume below.

If you thought the theme of nakedness was limited just to Lima, Ohio, you’re wrong. Over in New York City, Rachel (Lea Michele) faces a dilemma on whether to shed her clothes for a part in a student film. Hopefully, Brody (Dean Geyer) is in the same predicament. Fans are long overdue for another shower scene featuring the hot Aussie. Check out photos from the upcoming episode below.

  • JMC

    Glee’s ratings are at an all time low, half of their peak episodes, so what’s the super camp show to do? GRATUITOUS NUDITY!

    What’s so sad about Glee is it so quickly became what it set out not to be, High School Musical, it’s so full of schmaltz and camp melodrama. Think back to the first episode, albeit being slightly tongue and cheek it was a relatively realistic snap shot of the fiercely teased life of a drama and music geek. “You think this is hard, try living with hepatitus,” there was nothing safe about the some of the too close to home dialogue but so quickly it Disneyfied. Everything ends neatly and happily. These kids all come together and group hug once an episode, they’re “a family,” BLEH! Put this out of its misery. (my misery*)

  • beachballsify2

    @JMC i totally agree, at the end of every episode now the kids always come together and theyre a ‘family’ again. the new characters haven’t even bonded or really fought with each other over anything, theyre always so melodramatic, and not the way that Rachel was. the characters who stayed like sam and britney seem to have lost their character while returning characters like santana, mercedes, and finn genuinely have no reason to come back to the glee club yet they keep going back anyways. Glee has seriously lost its touch this season.

  • I’m absolutely sure that the school-board, let alone the school itself would have no problem with underaged minors/ students posing in scanty costumes to sell to people.

  • Rodknee

    Meh, even all the skin won’t get me to watch this show. I haven’t watched in soooo long I have no idea what’s even going on anymore. But like all shows set in high school, it lost it’s shimmer after graduating most of it’s original cast.

  • OdetoFear

    The show started to tank when they
    1. wrote off Mr. Shu. He was the heart of the show. I know Matthew Morrison had his reasons for wanting a leave of absence, but it damaged the show.
    2. forced The Glee Project contestants down our throats. I’ll admit Unique worked, but the dreadlocks guy and the Irish guy, suck.
    3. They suddenly introduced new characters who’ve taken over the show. Instead of gradually inserting new characters they just hit you with them, suddenly Puck has a brother, and Marley who was never mentioned before starts joining in. It made no sense and people noticed.
    3. Remaining cast members, who you’d think would take over are still relegated to second string. Tina, Arnie, Sam, Brittany. They should be the ones with the major story lines not these new kids or the ones who graduated.
    4. I get that they didn’t want to say goodbye to the graduating characters, but now it’s just strange. Mr. S is gone and Finn is the Glee teacher? WTF? Instead of the show being focused on the Glee kids, now it’s splint into Glee and the Adventures of Rachel and Curt in NYC. The show is called Glee, it suppose to be about high school kids.

  • Nicki Mirage

    The new characters are the only reason to watch this show. I’m so sick of all of the old ones and so sick of the New York story line. They should have done away with Kurt and Rachel. All of the old cast coming back is ridiculous. We never have any time for the new characters anymore. Tina and the others that stayed were always furniture, so it should remain that way. It is just so stupid that Santana would be cast for the Grease school musical and she doesn’t even go there.

  • Seth

    Whatever it takes to cover up those awful dread locks I support.

  • SteveDenver

    I don’t think Ryan Murphy is interested in this show anymore. It turned into the “Guest Star of the Week” and then into the Katy Perry cover show, and these unexpected hiatuses leave the show with no momentum, unable to follow, and now we have NYADA, a school with only one class.

  • SteveDenver

    @Seth: I agree, the dreadlocks wear him, and he hasn’t changed a bit since the Glee Project.

  • matt

    I like Arnie, Darren in proper doses and a lot if the storyline suits him, Finn, and of course the NYC division of Glee, but the only new people I really like are Puck’s brother and Unique. I don’t want to see more of the other new people, and certainly not more of Tina. her lines are aggravating “gay blake” was not appropriate last night.

    Get this writing together people!!!! Who can talk to these people in a post? Please do it!