Glee: Get To Know The “Other Asian” Harry Shum, Jr.


He’s often referred to as “the other Asian” on the Fox hit show, “Glee”. But exactly who is the actor who plays footballer turned “New Directions” member, Mike Chang? The part is portrayed by 25-year-old Harry Shum, Jr. dancer turned actor. Before scoring the Glee gig, he was seen in dance flicks like “Stomp The Yard”, “You Got Served” and “Step Up”. With Glee’s second half of season one premiering in a few days, I thought I’d highlight one of the show’s supporting actors.

Shum was born in Costa Rica to Chinese parents and speaks three languages fluently: English; Cantonese; and Spanish. Surprisingly, the first language he spoke was Spanish. In addition to participating in dance-oriented movies, Harry was often a lead dancer for some of today’s hottest musical acts like Beyonce, Mariah, J.Lo and Jessica Simpson. Here’s a little piece of trivia for you. Shum was a silhouette for the now-famous iPod commercials.

So what’s in store for the talented dancer? He’s involved with a dance group called “The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers”. Not only is he a principal dancer, but he also choreographs for them. In fact, during this year’s Academy Awards, Harry was one of the talented people who choreographed the stunning routine. Here’s a trailer for one of the dance troupe’s upcoming projects.

How awesome is trailer? Shum is also involved in “Step Up 3D” which is scheduled to hit theaters later this year. The film will take a unique perspective at New York street dancing using the now trendy 3D technology.

When Glee comes back, expect his character, Mike Chang, to get more action. Now that the main characters are more established, the producers are starting to build the characters of the supporting cast. According to him, the producers are also trying to incorporate his dancing talents more into the show, as long as it fits within the storyline.

With regards to Mike getting some lovin’, he’s says there are a couple of possibilities, but it all depends on creator, Ryan Murphy. If fans had their way, according to Shum, Mike Chang would be getting it on with Tina for some Asian loving. I guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.

  • Allan

    Boo to Tina Donovan! I want Mike to be the new bf for Curt!

  • Amberlee


    Kurt. “Curt” is a word that means abrupt, snappy, sometimes waspish. Also, who is Donovan?

    Not that I don’t agree wholeheartedly; I’d die of combined heartbreak and excitement if Mike was S2BF.