Listen To Demi Lovato & Adam Lambert’s Roar Duet & More

We’ve already heard Adam Lambert slay Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” and now we get to hear him take on a Katy Perry track. How nice of Ryan Murphy to not force Glambert to take sides on Glee’s episode, “A Katy or a Gaga.” So nice 😉

Joining him on Perry’s “Roar” is guest star Demi Lovato. While I love both Demi and Adam, I’m not a huge fan of the track. I would’ve preferred them collaborating on another Katy track. “Unconditionally” and “Dark Horse” are far more superior off her latest album, Prism. In addition to their “Roar” duet, listen to the Glee cast cover Gaga’s “Applause” and Katy’s “Wide Awake” below.

Roar ft Demi Lovato & Adam Lambert

Wide Awake – Glee Cast

Applause – Glee Cast

  • Zac

    all of their songs vocally sound so FLAT! did they sign a “we won’t make it better than the original” contract or something? i remember when they WERE actually better. Wide Awake is pretty good but i wish they’d left the black tranny out of it! uuucccrrghhhhhhhh i’m so glad this shit’s getting the boot after next season! -_-

  • DJB

    Thanks, Glee! I finally understand what Gaga was singing. This song so reminded me of some of Janet’s songs. You could hear the chorus, but a lot of the other words were so hard to understand. Roar is mediocre at best. Wide Awake practically puts you to sleep! Like Zac said all these songs sounded so Flat!