Glee: Watch All The Katy Perry & Lady Gaga Covers

I just got around to watching Glee’s latest episode now. I ended up going out way too late last night. Nic was back in town, plus Brian had a colleague visiting as well. Naturally, I had to play host and head out on the town. Always a team player 😉

Based on the ratings last night, not many of you caught “A Katy or A Gaga.” The Fox show tied a series low. In all honesty, this season is a little off. Mostly likely due to the untimely death of Cory Monteith. I haven’t been at all engaged with any of the storylines. I tune out for most off the show with exception to the musical performances. They’re the best part of the show.

Last night’s “Roar” and “Applause” covers were hilarious and sexy. The facial reactions of the cast plus the shirtless moments of Jacob Artist, Blake Jenner and Chord Overstreet made them thoroughly entertaining but for very different and obvious reasons. Check them out below.

Glee ‘Roar’ Performance

Glee ‘Applause’ Performance

Glee ‘Marry The Night’ Performance

Glee ‘Wide Awake’ Performance

  • Martin

    songs were exceptional last night…sad that the viewers were low…. I’ll still be there…

  • Well, I feel like the singing is just getting flatter and flatter as the seasons have progressed. I remember the passion in the songs when the show started, I had to download them!
    Roar just seems more vapid than it ever has and Applause’s vapidity is a little less. lol Go figure.

  • Damien

    They don’t even try to sing anymore. Just throw some shirtless performances and there…

  • Gummy

    I agree it was very flat… gay thundercat!