It’s Tuesday – and that means GLEE is on tonight! More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon for the surprise hit TV phenomenon that is Glee. Every week, Gleeks tune in to watch the musical highschool comedy teens sing about their feelings and come up with new mashups to perform in competition after competition (that is if the evil & hilarious Sue Sylvester doesn’t put a wrench in their plans). Last week, we were treated to a highly anticipated Madonna themed episode that certainly did not disappoint.

But what if you simply don’t have time to watch it and, God forbid, don’t have access to a PVR? Well, you’ll be happy to know, now there’s Glee in 60 Seconds. Trying to get a friend to watch Glee with you, but they won’t because they’d have too much to catch up on in order to understand what the heck is going on? Show them this video and they’ll be good to go and ready to watch the show as Sue C’s it.

Check out sketch comedy group Landline TV’s interpretation of Glee…in under a minute.