Glee’s Heather Morris’ Controversial New Pics

Glee” cast members getting caught up in a storm of controversy over pictures isn’t a new thing. Remember when Cory Monteith, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron posed for GQ magazine? Those photos angered numerous parent watch groups who thought they were too sexy and sent the wrong message. Now it’s Heather Morris’ (Brittany) turn to face the firing squad. The blond dancer recently posed for photographer Tyler Shields in a series of photos, critics claim glamorize domestic violence.

Titled, “Even Barbie Bruises“, the photo series features Heather Morris dressed in 1950s housewife attire. She’s shown doing domestic work like ironing while sporting a shiner. The pictures have elicited a heated debate on Tyler Shields’ website. While some see the images as glorifying domestic abuse, an equal amount of readers are defending the artistic expression of the pictures. Check out a few of the pics below and see which stance you take.

To check out the rest of the photos from the shoot, head over to

  • ahmad

    1- she is only modelling , its the photographer who is control
    2- WTF r u crazy , that doesnt (glorify ) abuse , no one in their right mind would

    , somepeople r just crazy
    we need to live with them 🙁