With graduation coming soon on Glee, it’s time to meet some parents. Up until now, not much has been revealed about Artie’s (Kevin McHale) family life. That’s all about to change, according to an announcement made by Ryan Murphy on Twitter.

“So thrilled to announce my friend [BLANK] is playing Artie’s mom on Glee!” Ryan Murphy announced on Twitter. “There is nothing this woman can’t do!”

Have any ideas on who he’s referring to? Here’s a hint. This actress has played one of television’s most memorable and hilarious moms in history. She had a signature walk and loved to have sex on the sitcom. Currently, she stars on a hit cable show. Find out who below.

It’s none other than Katey Sagal. I’m so excited. Who doesn’t love Peg Bundy? The 59-year-old actress’ guest spot will appear on the episode titled, “Wonder-ful,” which is a tribute to Stevie Wonder. Going out on a limb here, but I sense a theme revolving around disabilities. Do you agree?

If you’re afraid Sagal’s appearance will affect Sons of Anarchy, it won’t. The show won’t begin filming its new season until May 15. What do you think of Katey’s addition to the FOX musical show? Do you think she’ll belt out a tune? Were you a fan of Married With Children? Sound off below.