Glee Releases ‘Glease’ Pics Featuring A Shirtless Dean Geyer *Swoon*

Anyone else bummed that the incredibly hot Dean Geyer wasn’t in last week’s episode of Glee? Seriously! The FOX show goes on hiatus for a month and then the first episode back, we get nada and instead we get Finn 2.0 (Blake Jenner)? No bueno. Thankfully, Ryan Murphy is rectifying this grave injustice by featuring Geyer’s Brody Weston shirtless and sweaty in this week’s episode. Murphs… you’re forgiven 😉 Oh yeah, Kate Hudson’s awesomely bitchy Cassandra July is also back. Halleloo!!!

While Rachel (Lea Michele) is getting sexually frustrated by Brody and being tortured by Cassandra in New York City, the kids over at McKinley High prepare for opening night of this year’s musical, Grease. It’s such a HUGE event, Santana, Rachel and Kurt all return to watch Finn’s directing debut. I’m curious to know what airlines all these kids are using. Flying to and from Lima, Ohio all the time can’t be cheap. Some serious racking up of mileage points is definitely happening.

Truth be told, I’m really looking forward to this episode. Who doesn’t love a little “rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong” action? Side note. This summer I was lucky enough to watch Olivia Newton-John in concert, and even luckier to meet her. The Aussie singer performed so many songs from the iconic musical, I felt like I was watching a live version of Grease. All that was missing was John Travolta joining her. To be fair, he was probably busy with his hectic massage schedule and all 😉 Check out the pictures from Glee’s “Glease” episode below.

  • Brian

    Sweet mother of fuck…

  • Martin

    wow !!! Dean is amazing!!!